Elemis SpaPod and the Massage Chair of Wonder

Sounds like the title of a Harry Potter 😛

The world’s first Elemis double SpaPod was launched in Debenhams Oxford Street and I was invited to take a ride on the funky massage chair and enjoy a lovely facial. I didn’t need asking twice, who in their right mind would?!

Now there are two treatment rooms available so you can book in alone or if with a friend and you can experience one of five 30 minute Power Booster Facials.

I was invited to test out the SpaPod and after my skin was analysed using their high tech camera and it was decided I should have the The Modern Skin Power Booster Facial.  I have scanned the results images in below so you can all have a good giggle, I did find it interesting about my sun damage though, imagine if you didn’t use SPF, I use it every day so I am trying! It says wrinkles-0  yeah baby!

Click to enlarge

Inside the pod you sit on a large massage chair which measures your spine, your weight and warms up to heat your body and then they programme it to deliver a customised massage using different techniques to massage your entire back, neck, shoulders and legs. I did have to ask for the leg bit to be turned down a notch as that is strong but it really does massage every inch and after you become accustomed to the feeling of being massaged from underneath vs when you normally get a massage from above, it really relaxes your muscles.

Well hello massage chair

(yes that fabric is rather vile)

If you were wondering how you manage to relax inside Debenhams a notorious hive of noise – the treatment room has Smart Glass Technology. At the flick of a switch, the glass instantly frosts over locking out the hustle and bustle of the beauty hall and cocoons you in its relaxing retreat-like ambiance. In case that sounds a bit poncey I just took the pic below to illustrate my point!

Your view from the chair

To be totally honest you can still also hear the vague noise from outside and theres a small gap under the door so that’s not really surprising!  But once your facial starts, with the sensory overload of the chair and the facial I forgot all about the noise outside and my eyes were tightly closed so don’t be concerned it doesn’t effect the facial once it gets going.

The Modern Skin Power Booster Facial  costs £45 and is for stressed faces, if you are dehydrated, eat on the go or spend long hours in front of the computer and generally need brightening up then this is for you.

My skin was cleansed, toned, buffed and massaged and a mask applied, a lovely hot stone arm and chest massage was done while the mask was on my face at the same time as the chair massaging me, I almost fell asleep.

The one thing I suggest you do it to just succumb to the chair. At first I starting wondering if I looked completely barking whilst the chair was rolling me backwards and forwards like I was riding on seabiscuit but if you just go with it and let it move you rather than fighting against it then it really is relaxing and de-stressing.

I took ages to get ready after my facial as I didn’t want to leave the cosy warm pod. I would definitely recommend this for the overworked and exhausted who don’t have enough time or money to go and get one of the really long expensive massages and facials done at the day spa. It’s perfect to pop in on your way home from work, perhaps on a Friday night as a kick start to a lovely weekend or a nice treat for a mum of a young child who is just flipping knackered!

I will most definitely be back as the SpaPod as it is so convenient and much more affordable than the regular spa. Hopefully I will get the lovely Claire as my therapist again as she did a great job.

Afterwards I felt relaxed and glowing, and considering I had no makeup on when I left I felt surprisingly confident about wandering through London sans slap.

How do you feel about massage chairs, relaxing or like riding a horse?