Since I Don’t Have Acne

Edited to add – I have spoken to Jenni (you can see her comments in the comments box below)

She works with the brand and they have taken your comments on board and will be providing me with a picture that better shows Sarah’s acne change.  I think they gave her a makeover and photoshoot as part of the trial so that’s why they sent the picture above x

I was invited to try out the Works With Water acne treatment, but I don’t have spots so it seemed a lil silly! 

I did think that the product sounded like something that might be of interest to you girls as a lot of you comment about your oily skin which I know nothing about.


So here is another Sarah’s finding of the product .

Sarah Pinder, 22, was horrified to find that for her, acne wasn’t a ‘teenage’ issue, after suffering with angry spots and sores all over her body for more than 10 years.

Now, things have started to look up again for Sarah. Having started taking help: clear skin again, Sarah’s skin has yet again seen amazing results in just weeks meaning her confidence is back on track. Sarah is also training for a new career as a fitness instructor.

Sarah commented: “Now my skin is looking and feeling much better I feel more positive about the future.”

Jules Birch, the founder of Works with Water said: “It was great to see the benefits Sarah experienced after quite a short time taking our product. We receive a lot of email enquiries from people with similar stories from all over the world who have tried many topical and oral treatments for their acne, without success.”

help: clear skin is one of a range of nutraceutical products which help relieve some of the most common yet controllable health problems including hypertension and high cholesterol.

help: clear skin is available from Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett stores and online at, priced at £14.79 and £49.99 for a week’s or month’s supply

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