A’kin Jojoba & Lavender Conditioner

In my July My Pure parcel was the A’kin Jojoba & Lavender Conditioner that is suitable for both normal and greasy hair.

Sadly this month I had to give the conditioner to my mum to review, I am allergic to lavender!

My mum loves all the freebies I give her and so I popped this along to her as well, leaving her very chuffed and commenting ‘oooh you can buy A’kin in Waitrose’ so she was suitably impressed.

The A’kin hair care range consists of 4 different conditioners and as with the skincare range the A’kin hair care range is certifed Organic and Vegan (by Australian standards because it is an Australian product for those who always go on about the FDA – the FDA relates to the USA only).


This is nicer than the facial mist packaging and much better than the usual beige organic product fare. It looks like something one would find in an apothecary from times gone by and a bit like a L’occitane or a Crabtree and Evelyn product.

Mum had no problems with the lid and the conditioner was easily dispensed.

The product itself

The conditioner contains Lavender flower extract and cold pressed Australian Jojoba oil.

Mum says – it smells of Lavender (she’s good at this isn’t she) she did say it was pretty strong.

The bottle recommends that if your prone to oily or greasy hair to only apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair. My mum has normal hair so she applied it all over as usual. She used it every day for a week and she mentioned that she only ever uses Ojon or L’Occitane hair stuff normally (I detect some QVC purchases).

Her verdict was that it detangles well and her hair was frizz free and manageable afterwards. Her hair had a decent amount of shine and since she has had chemotherapy her hair doesn’t grow back as thick or as strong (or as shiny) so we were both suitably impressed.

Would she recommend it?

This was a bit confusing, as despite explaining to her a million times why it is beneficial to use paraben free natural products I don’t think she quite gets it. She is not the sort of person who is particularly bothered if her products contain parabens whereas I and a lot of other people are very interested in that.  She certainly liked the conditoner a lot so in conclusion if you are looking for a conditioner that is both Vegan and Organic certified this is a very good option.

Cost – The price is £7.49 for a 225ml Bottle. You can buy through the Mypure website