Cheap NOTD Using MeMeMe

How cute is my new MeMeMe ultra gloss nail polish?

The colour is Katie and pictured above I used two coats. I didn’t use a topcoat as I plan to change the colour again soon.

If you see that gap between my cuticle and the bottom of the polish, that’s how much my nails have grown since Monday!  I am amazed as normally at least one would have broken by now and I credit the Jessica GELeration completely.

Anyone else like MeMeMe?  For those that don’t know: you get it in Superdrug.

I also have a pale green shade similar but not the same as Models Own Jade Stone so I will try and paint my nails again and do another NOTD this week, amusingly the green is called Jordan and the pale blue is Katie…not sure why they decided on that!

Sarah x