Lovea’s Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Lotion

Hi girlies,  today is another item from MyPure for you – Lovea’s Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Lotion.

MyPure stocks a lot of Lovea products, they’re a French company and their products are certified organic by the French certifying body.

Matt and I have been using this moisturiser exclusively for a week, since Matt turned into a big girl around 2 weeks ago and decided he wanted to moisturise his hands.  It’s only taken 9 years of me telling him they were like sandpaper.

I will admit it’s been hard as we both love Korres and I have a particular addiction to Laura Mercier’s pistachio body lotion.
This lotion is formulated for normal skin types so I wouldn’t have ordered it out of choice as both of our skins are super dry, Matt’s hands and my shins being the worst dry bits.

The bottle has a pump which is really convenient and means you don’t get mess everywhere which I really like. The cream has a light formula that absorbs very quickly and does feel moisturising for a while however after a while my skin goes back to feeling dry so I don’t think this is strong enough for dry skin.  I usually use body butters and oils so my skin seems to need more moisture than this product can give.

I do love the scent of this product as it smells almost exactly like the Elemis body melt which I adore but for a much much cheaper price.  Also the Lovea version is 100% natural Monoi and I have no idea if the Elemis one is natural but I presume not? As with the ‘Argan’ shampoo I reviewed for Lovea, this lotion is 2% Monoi oil.  Not really a very high percentage to be honest.

Overall I would recommend this as a cream to keep by the sink for after washing your hands or if you don’t have dry skin and want a light cream that you can slap on quickly before you get dressed.

Otherwise if you are scaly like me or have hands like sandpaper like Matt it’s just not strong enough. 
I am MyPure slave blogging panel member so this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes.