Hair Care Update – Some New Products I Love

I am always on the search for products to make my hair grow faster, look thicker and reduce the appearance of split ends.

Everyones hair grows at different rates, but mine always seems to me to grow at a snail’s pace . My hairdresser always tell me that I should have a short hairstyle because my hair is fine but I do not feel feminine with short hair, I have tried it more than once and I hate it!

I have been on the search for products to try and speed up my hair growth the first of which is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment (£6.99 Boots) which claims to help soothe and moisturise the scalp and strengthen hair. It says that it contains Pro-Growth™ complex designed to give strength from within by fertilising the follicles in the scalp, creating a healthy environment to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length. It comes in a pink tub and is a pale pink marshmallow coloured product. The consistency is of a whipped cream and I like that it covers the hair easily and smells nice, and you only have to leave it on for 5 minutes.

I use about 3tbs worth at a time and comb it through my hair before leaving it on for 5 minutes to do it’s thing. You use it between shampooing and conditioning and I have been using it every time I wash my hair. I am so happy with this treatment and will definitely repurchase. I love Redken’s deep conditioners but this is so much cheaper at around 1/4 of the price.

The second product I have recently come across is a supplement recommended by Laura called HairSublim which is £14.99 for 1 months supply. I am a big fan of vitamins and supplements as I know that your body has to be in good shape on the inside for it to look good on the outside so I hot-footed it to Boots after I heard of this and am pretty pleased so far. My hair does seem a little shinier and thicker and I have still got quite a lot of the tablets so I will update once the packet is finished. Boots website state this “scientific research conducted by Laboratoires Physcience showed that after one month of taking HairSublim 73% of women felt that their hair grew faster” so I am very excited to see if this works for me and I will update you after the month’s treatment is done.

One products I have always been wary of is oil. My hair is so thin and I thought it would leave my locks super greasy and disgusting. However after hearing hundreds of reviews of Argan oils I decided I should give it a go and see if it could do anything.

There are so many ways to use the argan oil – on wet or dry hair. The way I have been using is to smooth a 10p sized blob between both hands and then rubbing it into the ends of my hair before bed, then washing it off in the morning.

I have also used a tiny drop (literally 1 drop) smoothed between my palms and then used in place of a hair serum once I have finished styling my hair. Remember not to use oils on the hair before heat styling as it will be like frying your head! My split ends feel a lot softer and in a way, sealed up. This obviously doesn’t cure the split ends as nothing will apart from cutting them off but it certainly improves the look and feel of your hair overall and makes your locks look less ‘bitty’ and jagged at the ends.

The argan oil I am using is by Melvita and I would recommend them for a fantastic range of organic oils. All of their products are in no nonsense containers and the product do exactly what they say they will, there are no gimmicks or false promises. I also like that you can blend a few drops of the argan oil with your moisturiser, body lotion or hair shampoo and conditioner to automatically make them that much more moisturising.

The argan oil from Melvita is also fair trade which means it supports fairness for the producers of the raw materials (in this case the Ounarha Women’s Co-operative in Essaouira) which I am happy about, as you know the person who harvested the argan kernels is getting a decent price for them. People in this area of the world are sadly quite poor so I would certainly prefer to buy from Melvita who make sure they are paid a decent wage for their efforts.

A lot has been said of argan oil an a lot of it is very confusing. Basically the Argan tree is only found on the Moroccan coast so all ‘authentic’ Argan oil is from Morocco.

The Melvita oil is cold pressed which is the best method of pressing, heating the oil such as they do for food grade argan oil will degrade the oil and make it lose some of it’s benefits, that is why there is no point using food grade argan on your hair and skin, it has been heated to increase the flavour for use in food and it won’t be as potent.

Argan oil has been used for years by the Berber women to moisturise their hair, skin and nails and this has recently been quite a hot product and getting a lot of mentions on blogs and YouTube.

The benefits of argan oil over other oils (such as olive oil)

Higher percentage of vitamin E
Higher percentage of essential fatty acids (EFA’s)
More resistant to oxidation
Apparently can be used to fight acne, eczema, psoriasis and many other conditions

You can also find out more information here which I found by a simple google search but seems very informative arganoilsociety

Anyone else trying to grow their hair?

Overall I am really looking forward to seeing how these products help me in the coming months and I will update you with my progress.