Healthier Version of a Starbucks Frappuccino

If you are anything like me you will enjoy one of the many frappe’s that they sell at Starbucks, whilst thinking that they are a complete ripoff! I personally like the coffee light frappuccino so decided to attempt to make one myself after seeing a lot of health bloggers recipes about protein shakes that looked a lot like frappuccino to me.

You will need

A blender

4-6 ice cubes

250ml your choice of milk (I like soy light or vanilla rice dream and Matt has regular skimmed)

1 teaspoon of coffee granules

1 scoop of vanilla whey or protein powder – I  use this one from myprotein

Shove it all in the blender and whiz up until all of the ice has been crushed. 

To make Matt’s sweeter I use agave nectar as it’s consistency blends really easily with the drink.

A tasty cold drink that is filling and perfect for after a long run.