Anthony Says…Relax!

Frankie went to Hollywood but all your fella has to do to RELAX! is get in the bath or shower to get pumped for the holidays.  With two limited edition cleansing gels from cult US grooming brand Anthony Logistics for Men you can be minty fresh like a freshly made candy cane this Christmas.   

Available in two festive colours and fragrances (PEPPERMINT and MINT & EUCALYPTUS) these refreshing body washes are ideal stocking fillers for all the men in your life and come highly recommended by the man in mine.  I had to trade him a chocolate bar to give it back so I could take the pics!

This contains quite a high percentage of glycerin so his skin will be lovely and soft on Christmas day.

£22.00 for 355ml at Mankind which is a brilliant website if you want to buy your OH or friend some male grooming goodies.  I had actually never heard of it before I googled for a supplier of this product but it looks quite popular.