Gelish Soak Off Gel – Nails Of The Day

How stunning is this colour?  Purple is my favourite colour and red is my favourite nailvarnish colour so if I am having a manicure I usually go for something in one of those two colours.  I went back to Alison who trained me in spray tanning to try the fantastic Gelish which is made by Nail Harmony.  You can see a video on the Gelish here

Performs like gel applies like Polish and lasts around 2 weeks, maybe a few days more.  Gelish helps your nails grow long and strong, stop splitting, chipping or tearing and soaks of in only 10 minutes, there is no filing of your natural nail.

I will update with how they have lasted  but already I can tell they look and feel much stronger and just generally better and shinier than the Jessica Geleration.  I would definitely say from initial looks that Gelish seems better.   There are also 48 colours available so loads to choose from even glitter!  I am definitely going to make an appointment for a pedicure with Alison for a glitter toe pedicure for Christmas.  

After suggesting it to Alison she made her own blog. I think it’s only a few days old but if you want to have a read it’s here, she had lots of treatments available in her salon so can give brilliant advice about which salon products or services are worth having or using: oh and if anyone has experience with WordPress backgrounds then please let me know, I am sure Alison would love a pretty background or even just to know how to get a followers box!  I am no use I only use blogger!

So what do you think? Have you had Gelish?