Jinnylash Eyelash Extensions – Treatment Review

The cold weather has made me even lazier than usual, my nightly eyelash serum application dwindled to zero and my un-tinted lashes were almost invisible.

Enter a lovely invitation to try out leading lash experts Jinnylash and a set of their eyelash extensions. Sign me up baby, I had already read that Katie Price has had these before, and whatever your opinion of her, mine was that I liked her lashes once they were applied (alright I have to admit I watched her show, that’s how I know – don’t judge me)!

The morning of the treatment                                                                            No makeup, oil  or oil based face creams graced my eye area.

The Location of Jinnylash HQ

It is a very unnasuming building on James’ Street just over the road from Bond St Tube Station so I took a pic in case anyone goes there and gets lost. Do NOT go in that Starbucks, it was crap, but that’s another story.

I went up the stairs to Jinnylash which is housed in a small salon and I was greeted by some lovely girls and introduced to the man himself, Mr Cho.  You may find it a bit odd for a man to be doing these lash extensions but Mr Cho said that, being Korean and being used to using chopsticks, he actually found the technique quite simple.  I can certainly vouch for his technique as it was 100% painless.

What am I having?

You are asked to fill out a sheet of questions and read through just to make sure you know what will happen, all of the rules and regulations about mascara (oil free) and makeup removers (also oil free) and basically just to avoid oil! And also what to do if you have a problem or are allergic etc. 

I asked for a natural look and it was explained that I would have probably just over a half set, not quite a full set of lashes but somewhere in between and around 10/11 in the length at the longest point (see diagram below). I wasn’t told how curly they are.

How Do They Apply The Extensions

Mr Cho applied a collagen undereye pad which was very nice and soothing.  Since your eyes are closed from now on you don’t know what they are doing but basically the application involves the technician selecting and isolating your eyelashes with two sets of tweezers and then attaching 1 Jinnylash extension to 1 of your eyelashes with an adhesive.  They comb through your lashes at intervals to make sure things are adhering and make them even.

Thoughts– Mr Cho works like lightening! I was expecting it to take about 2 hours but just over an hour and we were done and he was working fast for that whole time.  Also I feel he was very precise and there was no pain or discomfort even once during the treatment.

The Before and Afters

The extensions are made of silk and polyester and are so light and soft I cannot feel them at all. I would totally forget about them being there, nothing like strip lashes at all. The glue is also very fine at the base of my lash unlike the rubbish ones I had before and these could easily fool someone into thinking they are your own.  So comfortable and light, I love them!

Overall Opinion

I am very impressed with Jinnylash because:

1. The lashes are soft and comfortable to wear

2. They look super natural and you would have to get right up and inspect them to realise they weren’t real

3. There was no pain or discomfort during application and it was very quick
4. The lashes were quick to apply considering the standard. I was there in total for one hour and 15 minutes so around 1 hour of treatment time

A full set of lashes costs £150 and a Half Set costs £80. I had just over a half set to get the natural look and my treatment was complimentary. Infills cost £1 a lash.

They also sell lots of girly, glittery goodies such as strip lashes, Jinny Rainbow glitters and lash conditioners here jinnyrocks I got some glitters so I will review them soon but here is a sneak peek.

To make an appointment either email enquiries@jinnyshop.com or go to http://jinnylash.com/