What are Gel Nail Polishes?

Gel nail polishes are a fantastic new type of product available from many different nail brands.  They apply like a nail polish and most come in a nail polish style bottle.

Different brands available are Gelish, Gelac, Shellac and OPI Axxium.  There are probably many more but these are the ones I know about.

They are all slightly different but share the same idea that you can use them to strengthen your nails as they can usually be worn for 2-3 weeks at a time without any chipping or peeling – as long as they are applied properly and you look after them well and use a hand cream and cuticle oil etc.

These new polishes are a salon treatment, as you will need to have them applied by someone who has got a UV or LED lamp depending on the brand and has been taught how to apply, as for most you apply a basecoat, cure, two coats of colour, curing between each and then a shiny topcoat which is then cured. This will give you a permanent nail colour which can be used on natural nails, enhancements and is great for toes.  Now normally I am a big fan of DIY nail things, but considering a LED lamp costs around £300 and each polish costs around £20 I think this is one thing I would stick to getting done at a salon.

This is great for people who are going on a long holiday, want nice nails but are very very busy, or people, like me, who want natural nails but their nail varnish chips within 24 hours on a regular basis. 

I hate to look trampy with chipped nails, but prior to using Gelish my nails would just chip so quickly. I had an OPI manicure a few months ago that didn’t even last 24 hours and cost £25!!

Edited to add – I totally forgot one of the other main reasons why gel-hybrid polishes are so cool.  You can have either a french manicure or a paler, more neutral colour put on, and then you can paint whatever colour over the top you like, as long as you remove it with acetone free remover. So the french or neutral underneath will look nice and keep your nails strong, and polish painted over gel rarely chips or makes it pretty difficult to chip – so all round this is brill for people either who don’t want to touch their nails for  2 weeks and have their manicure last OR people who love changing their polish but whose regular polish chips.

I will be updating the blog with a review of Nail Harmony’s Gelish as I have had the colour Starburst on my nails from over 2 weeks now and I think it is absolutely amazing. One of my nails would have surely broken by now without it.  So watch out for that if you are interested.  I am also going to try out Shellac after that to see how they compare.

Do you think this sounds cool? I am mega impressed with the developments in the nail industry.