Sunday Ramble

I have been so busy this week I am sorry I haven’t been the best blogger in the whole world 🙁 slap wrist.

Today has been a busy whirlwind of spray tanning people and cleaning the house top to toe.  From the kitchen to my makeup brushes, everything is clean as a whistle.

After the cleaning was done we put up the Christmas tree.  The plan was red and gold, but since we have no red decorations and Matt refused to leave the house to go and buy any the new plan is just gold! 

Now I just have to write my cards, make Matt’s jam tarts and jam puffs, do the ironing, change the curtains, make the bed, wash the spray tan tent and prepare some leaflets for

Not much then!

I have also decided, due to the fact that I am still getting lots of entries even though the competition technically closed, to extend the Essie giveaway until Thursday at Midnight 16th December. So you can still all enter.

Sarah xx