My Gelish Review

If you read my first post on Gelish and; here then you may have wondered about the results or how it lasted. Well first of all I want to say that they are absolutely amazing and I think they are fabulous.

Secondly my nails were done by the lovely Alison from beautydenn 

Here are the pictures 

Day 1

3 Weeks Later

I put the glitter on the third finger…I don’t really know why

What is Gelish?
Like similar products Gelish applies like a nail polish but is cured (or set) with a UV or LED lamp.  It claims to stay chip-free and shiny for up to three weeks.

How Is It Applied
The nail is prepared like a normal manicure, then there is some sort of ph bond, a foundation gel, two coats of colour and then a top coat.  Each layer is cured or set with a UV or LED lamp.  Alison has a LED lamp so each layer only needs 10-30 seconds to cure although a UV lamp can be used it takes a bit longer.

How Long Did It Last
Three weeks! I will be honest I wouldn’t normally want to leave this longer than two weeks just because my nails grew so well. I presume they grew well as they were protected by the gel, whereas they would normally chip or split, so there was a fair bit of growth.  Also there are so many nice colours I was excited to try a new one!  But my nails didn’t split or chip even after 3 weeks. One peeled a few millimetres (literally) but only after I fell over in the snow so it did need a pretty drastic squashing accident for even a tiny thing to happen. Overall 10/10 for lasting that long. Well impressed!

There are 48 shades and more available next year, everything you could possibly want from glitters to dark red blacks. I went for gold glitter for Christmas and everyone who has seen them today loves them! There is a also a pale pink glitter which I definitely want to try, oh who am I kidding they are all amazing!  You can see a lot of the other colours and nail art on the Nail Harmony facebook page

How GORGEOUS? I love gold!

How is this removed, and is your natural nail damaged underneath?
This is removed by a quick buff over the nail and then using the tinfoil and acetone soaking process that a lot of girls use to remove regular polish.  It took about 5 minutes and then Alison just pushed the gel off I can’t remember if it was with an orangewood stick but it was something like that.  Easy and painless and guess what? My nails underneath were not damaged in the slightest. They looked the same as usual, totally unchanged. Then the Gelish is applied afresh the next time.

Would you recommend this?
I would recommend Gelish 100%.  It is so far the best thing that I have tried and meant that my nails stayed chip free for the longest time possibly ever. They also looked better after 2 weeks than my acrylics ever used to, with no damage to my natural nail. Amazing product and Alison is too.

Edited to add – I loved Gelish so much I actually trained in it myself and now offer it along with many other beauty treatments via my mobile beauty business Beauty Retreat