Brand New Blogger – Dee From FaceFixers

Hi, I’m Dee, from FaceFixers! I’m a teenager from Scotland and I love makeup.

I started my blog because I was inspired by reading other blogs. I found beauty blogs by googling for review. I couldn’t just go out and blind buy a mascara. I had to read lots of reviews first, and these always influenced my buys. I wanted to contribute my bit back to the beauty blogging community. I was never a cake-on-makeup type of girl, but through blogging I’ve learned so much. Blogging is also a great way to talk to people all over the world who share my obsession of makeup.

Eye makeup is my beauty obsession. I always focus most on eye makeup than my lips, and mascara is my number one product. I’m forever on a quest to find the best one! I like to use natural skincare products, and tea tree is really agreeing with my skin just now. I love jewellery too. I blog about skincare and makeup the most, but there are a few miscellaneous posts in there too. Most skincare products featured are natural products, but I don’t say no to “chemical” products either. Makeup reviews are a good mix of both high street and high end, I don’t always stick to just one. I also have a group called Small Beauty Bloggers, founded at New Year for small blogs, so I update when a new member joins. I do frequent reviews and swatches, both negative and positive. I have done a couple of jewellery posts too, and I enjoy taking photos of them the most. FaceFixers is like the diary of my journey finding the best the beauty world has to offer. and 

I feel honoured to be featured on I Heart Cosmetics, and I think this series is a really great idea for promoting us small bloggers. I give a big thankyou to Sarah for doing this.

Dee xx