Orly Day – My Orly Manicure Course

Kaushal, Laura, Farrah, Katie, Me, Leanne

I had been planning to attend a manicure course but with amazing timing was offered the fabulous opportunity to train at Grafton’s head office in Tamworth with Orly, who before going on the course were one of my favourite nail polish brands.  Grafton’s International look after a wide selection of professional and consumer beauty brands covering EzFlow, and IBD to Carmex lip balm and Orly Nail Products (amongst many others) so it was a real treat to be invited to train with them.

On the day Leanne from Donotrefreeze and I met at Euston and made our way to Tamworth where we had the pleasure of meeting Kaushal, blogger at beauty-fulfilled along with Farrah, Katie and Laura who all work for Graftons. Laura Hughes was our trainer for the day which was such a privilege as she normally trains other trainers (as educational Manager for Grafton’s) rather than running the courses directly with students so it was so nice of her to take time out of her schedule to do that for us (thanks Laura)! 

Upon arrival at Graftons’ head office, we were greeted by lots of smiley faces and wow, it’s lovely there! Such a nice office environment and the shop was amazing, choc full of Ezflow, Rose and Co, Orly polishes and basically anything you could ever want if you are a beauty lover.

Nice lamp hat 😛

When we were all ready, we were led to the Orly training room where we got to know each other better with some fun icebreaker exercises and then we soon got stuck into learning all of the technical details that are important to know such as the different parts of the nail, the names and functions of the different layers of your skin and what possible contra-indications there could be when performing a manicure.

I can honestly say this was the most thorough and technically detailed course I have ever been on (beauty or otherwise) but also the most fun! Laura really is a natural teacher, she managed to impart so much knowledge over the day from telling us the background of the Orly brand (did you know that Jeff Pink, Orly’s founder, worked on the nails for Charlie’s Angels and Pretty Woman)?!

Jeff also came up with the idea of a white tip and a sheer pink whilst working in Hollywood in the mid 1970s he called it the  ‘Natural Nail Look’ to start with but after visiting Orly in Paris Jeff decided to name his creation ‘The French Manicure’ – I had no idea that this was trademarked to Orly, did you?

After lunch we moved from the technical knowledge to the practical demonstrations.  First we watched Laura go though each step of a spa manicure using Orly’s Sugar Fix scrub, French Polynesian Heated Masque and a massage using the Peace hand and body lotion which is scented with spiced vanilla and white tea (yum).  We then watched the correct technique of filing the nails and removing the cuticle (dead skin) from the nail plate and how to correctly polish the nails.  I teamed up with Kaushal after the demonstration so we could practice on each other. I had lots of fun and was totally enamoured with Orly’s Spa Manicure products and decided there and then to offer Orly Spa manicures within my mobile beauty business as the results were amazing and the scrubs not only smell delicious but leave your hands and arms so amazingly soft and smooth.

At the end of the day we were presented with our Orly manicure certificates, and a goody bag to take away.  We were also very kindly given a Amie facemask to test out by Pippa who works on the consumer products side of the business so a review of that will be coming soon.                                          I had an absolutely fantastic day, and feel so grateful to everyone at Graftons especially Laura, Farrah, Pippa and Katie who made this possible for us girls.  I will take this opportunity to suggest you go and add Laura as a friend on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/laura_lulu101  and follow Farrah’s blog here: www.makeupitgirl.co.uk

Sadly lovely Katie is neither on twitter or blogger, so I have been left to harass her via email when I make my orders!

I would wholeheartedly say that my training was fabulous and the girls were all lovely, if you want/need any training and you can get to the Tamworth venue then I would definitely recommend it, you can find out more information here graftons.  I hope to complete more Ezflow and Clean and Easy training with them soon.

In the meantime I have booked myself on EzFlow’s pedicure training as there is a trainer who is in Kent that I can see so that will be the next training course that I will update you on.