MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara – Guest Reviewer Milly

Hi there, for those of you (probably most of you) that don’t know me

My name is Milly, from Fashion Launderette *waves* Now my main thing is fashion, if you couldn’t tell but I have been known to foray into the world of make-up.

The lovely Sarah has kindly let me guest blog for her, and review the MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara available from superdrug for £7.99.

As a bit of a newbie to the beauty scene I don’t know all the jargon, but I can just tell it how it is!

First of all I love the packaging, its pretty and tacky (in a good way) and looks great sat in my make-up box the brush (or should I say wand?) is kinda thick and bushy and somewhat on the big side.

As you can see my natural lashes are just a bit meh and pluh, not long, not curly, but not super short or sparse either, they are just a bit nondescript and rubbish, and seem to point downward slightly (which I didn’t realise until today).

Application of the mascara was pretty easy, although I would have preferred if the brush was a little smaller to stop be getting bits of black on my eyelid!

I like the result it gave, adding length and a slight curl, for a ‘drugstore’ (I hate that phrase) mascara its certainly not bad I would definitely add it to my ever growing collection and wear it now and again.

However I wouldn’t say its incredible nor does it give the look of false lashes (when do they ever eh) its just not quite voluminous and dramatic enough to make me stop me seeking the holy grail of mascaras.  Having said that, if your in the market for a new one, and fancy trying a different brand for a change its definitly worth a punt!

Have you tried this mascara? Any opinions of your own? Please comment and let Sarah and I know!



Thank you very much Milly xxxx