Dashing Diva Nails

Dashing Diva  is a brand from the USA.  They have salons, nail varnishes and stick on nails but the product from them that I want to tell you about today is their French Wrap Plus.

Dashing Diva’s French Wrap Plus makes getting a perfect French smile line application perfect every time a doddle.  The wraps are applied to each nail using a tab similar to the tab on some full cover fake nails but once you have applied it you clip it off with nail clippers and the white tip is left behind.  The ultra thin French line is left on the nail and then you can polish or gel over it as normal for your French manicure. 

 I applied mine with my soak of gel polish and after a week it still looked perfect. I am sure it could have lasted another week but I wanted to put on some minx and was a bit impatient!

I was testing them out to see what they would look like as I offer it as a service for Beauty Retreat my mobile beauty business. I think they look pretty good! I got lots of compliments and had no problems with lifting or chipping, so all in all I think they will be really popular.

Do you like a French manicure? Have you ever had a Dashing Diva manicure?

I am sure people will ask – I bought mine from Sweet Squared. x