Collin Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel and Masque Lifting Minute

I have been giving all of the Collin Resultime products I was sent a thorough test and these two are now firm favourites.

Collin’s Regenerating Collagen Gel has become a daily staple used before and after my day and night cream to help plump up my skin.  On days that I have had a really bad dry patch somewhere I have put a thick layer onto my face, gone and had my cup of tea and got dressed then come back and wiped the excess off before doing my makeup, using it somewhat like a primer.  Its fantastic at plumping and hydrating you skin before makeup application and has really made using foundation so much easier when my skin has been so dry.

Collagen skincare gets a bad rep as scientists have found that collagen is too big to pass through the dermis, so lots of skincare systems make up a lot of fancy pants words like ‘vectorised’ and ‘micro delivery system’ to make it sound as if they can  actually in their product.

The lovely Jane from ModestyBrown knows lots of technical info so I asked her about this issue, and she advised “Micro collagen is a pentapeptide that is repeated many times to make up the collagen protein. Vectorised means it’s had a bit added to help it move through the skin. Whether or not the pentapeptide will actually be active in the dermis and stimulate in the same way as collagen is supposed to. Well, I couldn’t possibly say……”.

Although despite this I really really like this product haha! Just shows that sometimes things just work for some people, and this works for me and I love using it.

I love the peach jelly consistency and the gentle floral scent isn’t overpowering or annoying at all, it smells very fresh.  

The second product that I am enjoying using is the Collin Morpho-Skin Minute Lifting Mask.  It is a fresh and energising face mask for an instant lifting effect. I am not exactly a big wrinkly but the mask is definitely one to make you skin feel more firm and smooth. The mask is a pink cream with a soft pearly texture.  It has a lovely light scent which is good as you apply a thick layer to the face and leave for five minutes. It definitely makes you face look more radiant and smooth. You can use this 2 to 3 times per week and it definitely makes you face look more rested. 

Please note that I have very very dry skin that is prone to eczema, so I would recommend these products for people with similar skin or who are older and have wrinkles as they are both very plumping and moisturising.

You can find out more information here