Different Types Of Nail Treatments

From talking to a lot of girls/women I realised that sometimes because YOU know something you just assume that other people know it too, when they often don’t. I guess that’s why the phrase is that assuming makes an ass out of u and me ;P

Having mentioned the terms ‘sculpted nails’, ‘soak off gel polish’ and ‘natural nail overlay’ over the past week to be left with a rather blank look each time I thought I would explain them all just in case you didn’t know, and wanted to!

Gel Overlay and Gelish Nail Art by 

Bev Rose from Nails at Home

Gel – gel gives you a similar effect to an acrylic nail but instead of the technician mixing the liquid with the powder the gel comes already mixed and the gel is cured under a UV or LED lamp to ‘set’ it.  

Acrylic Pink and White Nails by Louise at Polished – 

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Acrylic Nails – Acrylic nails are, as they sound, nails that are overlaid or extended using acrylic.  The acrylic is also called L&P or liquid and powder as there is a powder and a liquid (monomer), this is mixed together to form the ‘bead’ the little round blob of product that is on the brush of the nail technician and then they use this to either overlay, extend over a tip or sculpt an extension.

Stiletto Nails – these are pointy nails like the ones below.

Nails by Emma Prescott from Limelight Hair and Beauty, Warrington

Gelish Nails By Me! At Beauty Retreat

Soak Off Gel Polish – Goes on like a nail varnish, lasts like a gel and soaks off with acetone or an acetone based product.  Examples are Gelish which I adore, Shellac which I like and lots of other brands such as Gelez, Opi Axxium etc.

Natural Nail Overlay – This is when you have a product such as acrylic or gel applied over the top of your natural nail – with no tips or sculpted length, just a coating over your natural nail.

This is an overlay done by Sarah Bacchus 

from Nail Harmony Hampshire

Hope this has helped and if you have any nail-terminology related questions or queries then just let me know – want to know the difference between an infill and a rebalance – just ask!

Sarah x