Current Favourite Shower Products

These have been my favourite shampoo, conditioner and shower gel/body exfoliator for months now so I wanted to share them as I have tested them for ages and find all three fabulous.

Xen Tan Body Scrub £14.99 from

This body scrub is perfect for me. I need a scrub that exfoliates the skin, can be used more than once a week, smells nice, has easy to use packaging, is decently priced and lasts a good amount of time compared to the price.

This scrub is grainy but not scratchy so can be used a couple of times a week, which is helpful if you are tanning or have dry skin as once a week isn’t often enough.  It smells minty and is amazingly refreshing when you use it, it’s like a toothpaste feeling for you skin!  The pump action and clear bottle mean that you know how much is left and its easy to pump onto you body mopp/sponge/shower pouff (I use a pouff).  The price isn’t mega cheap but I think it’s extremely reasonable for the quality of product and it lasts around 5 weeks before I need to repurchase.  This is brilliant for tanners as it doesn’t contain any oil but is still very moisturising. I absolutely adore this product and it is my favourite out of the entire Xen Tan line. An absolute must buy.

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Sulfate Free Shampoo £5.99 TK Maxx

I have loved using this shampoo. I really do enjoy all of the Label.M and Tigi Bed Head Superstar products but the Superstar volumising shampoo is both sulfate-free which means it doesn’t fade the colour in your hair if its dyed and it contains lots of proteins and nutrient-rich oils strengthen your hair and add shine.  I do find a difference in the volume of my hair too when I use this and the massive bonuses being that the tube is mega pink and shiny and it smells of strawberries! This is a total girly dream product, it looks and smells amazing and does what I want and gives me some oomph and volume.  Plus… it was £5.99 in TK Maxx!!! I need to go and stock up on this before they stop selling it.  


I had run out of my Tigi Superstar conditioner and was looking in Salon Services whilst I was buying some tanning supplies (disposable gstrings if you wondered) and saw this. Cranberry Orange Mint was what sold me, it smells absolutely delicious and yummy. It actually turned out to be an amazing conditioner as well!  The conditioner is 80% Organic Content. No Parabens. No Artificial Colors. No Synthetic Fragrances. Tube 50% Post Consumer Recycled material.

This is my favourite kind of conditioner, one that is really thick as I hate that feeling of conditioner sliding down your back.  I leave it on for 3-5 minutes and when I rinse off my hair feels so soft and amazing. I wish I had found this much sooner as I am in love with it.  The hair looks better and smells amazing, I would never have thought that cranberry, orange and mint would even go together.

What have you been using in the shower recently? Any new items?