Gelish Design Day Training

I recently made another trip to the fabulous Sarah Bacchus at Nail Harmony Hampshire 

After learning how to use Gelish, apply it, remove it etc. etc. it seemed like the next logical step was to learn how to create designs with Gelish.  Gelish is so much easier to manipulate and create with than polish as it never smears or bleeds into the other colour, and you can set the colour or wipe it off and change it if you don’t like the design so it is mega versatile.

Here are some of the designs that we came up with on the day

L-R: Firework, stripes, flock, butterfly, half moon, glitter design, flower and dots, colour fade.

We used all sorts of tools from makeup sponges and striper brushes to gems from craft shops and lots of glitter.  My favourites are the colour fade as it looks really subtle but cool and the flock wallpaper effect is soooo cool.

The matte background with shiny pattern ‘flock’ effect

So that means that I -at Beauty Retreat ,will now be offering all sorts of Gelish nail art if you want it!  Thanks again Sarah xoxo