Jewel Heritage – My New Jewellery Obsession

Just a quick post from me today to show off my beautiful new ring, which is not as expensive as it looks at all!  If you like the Alexander McQueen type of skull jewellery like I do then I am sure this will be your cup of tequila.  The ring costs just £45 (and is 18k gold plated) and you can buy it here Jewel Heritage Store 

Who are Jewel Heritage?  “Jewel Heritage is the tale of two sisters, one trained in the art of Fashion the other in the illustrious world of Illustration, who joined forces to create unusual, obscure and more than often, dark and sinister pieces of jewellery. Inspired by mythology, death, classical civilizations, symbology and all things inbetween the outcome is not for the light-hearted but it is not intended to be. With their motto ‘designed for the individual not the masses’ Jewel Heritage will continue their journey into madness inviting you all into their world with each collection.” They also happen to be the sisters of the fabulous Farrah which is how I found out about them.

So if you want to get yourself a gorgeous piece of jewellery without spending a massive amount of money then head over to or tweet them at!/jewelheritage

Love it!