Shellac Swatches

Hiya girls, since I know how huge Shellac is, and how it’s nice to see a colour as a swatch before you choose to have it on your nails for 2 weeks I figured some colour swatches might be helpful to all you who have shellac or are thinking about having it.  Shellac nails are awesome, I still like artistic colour gel polish more personally as it lasts longer and is slightly thicker, and for those with extremely thin nails, we need extra help, but for a power polish that doesn’t chip for 2 weeks – Shellac can’t be beaten.  So here are some swatches

Tutti Frutti 

Red Baroness

Hot Pop Pink


Hope this helps! Will post more pics as I do them. I am not allowed to wear coloured polish for college so will post clearly pink once i’v applied that.

Have you had a shellac attack?