Dress like Kim, Cheryl or TOWIE girls for less

Trying to find an outfit for a night out is often a complete nightmare if you are not one of those people who seems to be effortlessly stylish. 

A few days ago I realised that I have a technique I normally do, which could be quite helpful if you are (like me) a bit rubbish about finding outfits to suit you and then bags/shoes/makeup to go with it.  I look at lots of different pictures of celebrities for inspiration and try and find a look I like and then take inspiration from it.  Obviously NOT if they were at the bottom of a worst dressed list lol!

Here is some of my inspiration for my upcoming night out look.  I decided to go for a coral body con dress so found lots of pics of celebs so I could see what hair, make-up and accessories they went for.

Fergie in coral fringed Herve Leger

Kim Kardashian in Herve Leger and Louboutins

Cheryl Cole

Heidi Montag (what shoes NOT to wear)

Amanda Bynes (so cute)!

So, apart from the fact that this look clearly works better with long hair (damn) I took from these pictures that golden glowing skin, gold or nude shoes or sandals and minimal accessories are the best way to go with a dress like this.

Everyone seems to have gone for a variation of a gold, brown or bronze soft smoky eye, peach lips and cheeks and bronzer.  Since I haven’t got the long hair I will just try and give it some volume and make sure it’s shiny.

Anyway I hope this helps! It also helps if you are particularly short or tall to google and find a celebrity who is the same height as you, then you can see the best way they are dressed for their shape and see what works or what works silly.  They mostly all use stylists who have lots of tricks up their sleeve so I say, pinch the tips!

Want to dress like a celeb without the costs?

I have two tips for girls that love celebrity dresses but can’t afford the price tag.  The first is called Celeb Boutique link here > http://celebboutique.com  The cream and black dress that Lauren Pope is wearing above is a dress inspired by Herve Leger but without the Herve price tag – it costs £99.99 which, although still expensive, is the cost of about 2 dresses that I would normally buy from say Topshop or River Island but is such better quality, I would say these really are very similar quality to the real Herve dresses.  Not 100% but definitely worth the £99.99.  This is where I bought my dress for my night out, it is a copy of a Kim Kardashian dress and I feel amazing in it!  The other good thing about this website is that the shipping is  amazingly quick and dress comes packaged beautifully.  I will definitely purchase from them again.

Another option, if you really want to wear the actual designer dress, is to rent it for a couple of days! And I will give you a secret bit of info, this is what a lot of the girls either on TOWIE or their friends do!  You might have wondered how they afford all of the stunning outfits and this is how, I am sure now they are famous that they get sent many things for free, but I know for a fact this is what a lot of them do/did.  And all I can say is what a FAB idea! Why waste loads of money, you won’t want to be seen in the same dress a lot if you are out clubbing every week, so this is a great idea. Essex girls are smarter than you think!

The website that is very popular is http://www.mycelebritydress.com/ and you can see there are pictures of some of the TOWIE girls on the website wearing the dresses

So I hope this helps you get your glam on!