Updated DIY Removal for Shellac, Gelish, Geleration etc.

I have had so many hits on my first DIY Shellac and Gelish removal post, plus so many Beauty Retreat clients wanting me to tell them how to remove it rather than buying the Shellac wraps that I sell (which I will admit does annoy me) that I thought I would update the instructions to include a few little extras which should speed up the process.

For the removal process you will need: 
Some tin foil – hairdressers highlighting foil is the best one to use as it’s thicker
Cotton wool balls or pads
A wooden hoof stick (orange wood stick)
Some acetone or gel remover, polish remover will work if it contains acetone but will take much longer
A hot water bottle or wheat bag
Cuticle oil – preferably solar oil
Hand cream
A nail buffer (one of those 4 sided things).

How to remove the product: 

  1. Heat up your wheat bag or hot water bottle and wrap in a towel
  2. Cut or tear your tinfoil into 10 squares
  3. Cut your cotton pads so you have ten small sections, enough to cover each nail, or just use 10 cotton balls
  4. For any gel polish – Geleration, Gelish, ACG etc. lightly buff the surface of the polish to ‘break the seal’ of the gel. Do not do this for Shellac it isn’t necessary
  5. Saturate the cotton with acetone, place it directly onto the nail and wrap the whole lot in the foil
  6. You should now have ten fingers with tin-foil ‘hats’ on each one.
  7. Place your hands under or on the towel covered wheat bag or hot water bottle, the acetone will work quicker if it’s warm. Obviously do not have these so hot they burn your hands, warm is fine
  8. Sit for 10 minutes for Shellac, 10-15 for Gelish and other Gel based products (this also works for glittery nail varnish like OPI’s burlesque collection)
  9. Twist, squeeze and pull off each foil wrap
  10. Use the orange stick to push off any remaining product, re-wrap if it hasn’t all been removed.
  11. Apply cuticle oil to the whole surface of the nail, underneath the free edge and rub in
  12. If necessary lightly buff the nails with your buffer. Do not do this vigorously
  13. Make sure you use your hand cream and nail oil daily 

I think personally you’re going to get a better result if your nail tech does this as when I do it myself the angle is a right pain.  If you can afford to get it done professionally please do so however if you can’t afford it or can’t get an appointment I would rather you do it properly. Don’t pick or peel it off your nail, promise?! 

You can find out how to apply Shellac or Gel Polish with my guide here 
How to do Shellac at Home