John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Discover noticeably thicker, more full-bodied hair. The new Luxurious Volume line claims to instantly boost all three dimensions of volume, for up to:

  • 110% more fullness*
  • 90% more lift*
  • 50% more thickness* 

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They say that the shampoo and conditioner have strengthening technology to create fullness from the inside, while ultralight stylers build thickness and lift on the outside. 

*Luxurious Volume system usage vs. normal shampoo and conditioner.

Now as per the * above, yes I do agree that this range, instead of using a regular non volumising range, does give a lot more volume.  I have to be honest though and say that if you were to compare the range to other volumising ranges it would fall quite flat (pun intended).

Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner are similar in consistency to all other John Frieda products that I have used. The shampoo is a clear liquid which foams easily and the conditioner is a thicker white cream.  They both have a rather chemically scent which did put me of somewhat however they seem to do the job well and left my hair clean, fresh and shiny.  I didn’t notice any difference in volume just from using the shampoo and conditioner alone with none of the styling products.

Blow Dry Lotion

  • This is definitely one of my preferred products from the range.  You spritz this clear lotion onto damp hair before blow drying for lots of lovely volume.  It leaves hair smooth and shiny and it feels a bit like it has been backcombed.  It doesn’t feel sticky and it also contains a heat protectant. Unlike other volumizing sprays, it doesn’t contain alcohol so hair stays soft.

Luxurious Volume Anytime Refresher

This claims to recreate volume at the roots when fine hair begins to fall flat. Refreshes style by absorbing oils for a fresh, full look. Unfortunately it didn’t do any of those for me.  I use batiste or one of the volumising hair powders by Label M or similar every day because my hair is so flat.  I used this just as I would on a normal day and there was no different at all. Such a shame as it smelled lovely.

Luxurious Volume Thickening Hairspray

Hands down the best item in the range.  Does what it says on the tin!  This does work very quickly so if you have backcombed your hair then blast it with this it will stay for hours.  Fabulous stuff and prefer it much better than my usual Elnett which I have been repurchsing for years. A bit ten out of ten for this hairspray.

Overall I would bag the hairspray and the blow dry lotion and pass by the shampoo and conditioner

Hope the overview of the range is helpful!

Disclaimer: The products were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with them.