How to make your Shellac last longer

You might be getting your Shellac, Gelish, Geleration etc. etc. nails done at a salon, by a mobile therapist or even (ahem) doing it yourself.

But what most people seem to ask me is….  How can I make my Shellac last longer?  Some say “it only lasts 10 days” or “I was sitting there and they fell off”!

So here are some tips to help them last longer

  • Use your Solar oil or the cuticle oil that your nail tech recommends.  Solar oil is recommended by me (and Instyle) as the best cuticle oil available to help your Shellac last longer.  It contains oils that can reptate through the Shellac and moisturise the nail bed, and Shellac will perform much better if your nail bed is moisturised and not dry and dehydrated.  It may seem boring to apply your cuticle oil twice a day, but it works.
  • Use rubber gloves when washing up and performing household tasks such as cleaning.  Chemicals such as those in Cillit Bang can dissolve Shellac and repeated exposure to such chemicals can make the product weak and likely to chip.  Repeatedly putting your hands and nails in the hot washing up water makes your natural nail under the Shellac bendy, but the Shellac stays fairly in the same shape, this can cause lifting if you are doing it repeatedly.
  • When on holiday try not to get SPF or DEET from insect repellent on your nails, these are chemicals and again can intefere with the chemicals that are in Shellac.
  • Do not pick or peel your Shellac off.  Let’s be serious, if you want to prise and peel Shellac off your nail, of course you can, we’ve probably all done it at one time or another, but it is bad with a capital B!  You are peeling off the top layer of your nail bed which then leaves it thinner and weaker than before, even more likely to chip next time you have Shellac
  • Continually filing your nails.  Some people like to keep their nails short and can’t live with them being longer for 2 weeks, but file gently and sparingly!  If you are continually aggravating the Shellac at the free edge there is a good chance you can cause it to chip.

That’s all from me today but if I think of any more I will be sure to add them in!