Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation is the new liquid foundation that Benefit have brought out.  It was created to fulfil a wishlist of different foundation must haves that both Benefit staff and consumers were looking for to make it the best foundation possible.  They started brainstorming in 2009 and their wishlist for a perfect foundation contained brightening and hydrating properties, SPF, oxygen and an oil free formula and they managed to get it all into the new Oxy Wow foundation.  

After a short video presentation at the launch event we had an overview of the product from some of Benefit’s lovely staff including Lisa Head Make up & Trend artist (& Brow Expert) and Jasmine the Digital Manager  on the idea behind the foundation and the process behind getting it from the idea stage to the shop shelf.  After that we got to have a little play with the foundations and try it out in conjunction with the porefessional primer as there is a small sample of the primer in every box of the foundation,  we were then colour matched to our perfect shade of foundation (I was ‘cheers to me champagne’) and showed how to apply it perfectly by Lisa.  Lisa suggests that a foundation brush is definitely the way forward with the Oxy Wow to create the optimum finish.  I must also add that Lisa also has the most fab nails and glittery shoes and was super lovely, if you are able to get down to any of the events Benefit are holding around the country that she is at demonstrating then definitely go and meet her.

We were sent off home with our new foundation to test and report how we got on and, as I do like a nice new foundation I cracked it open the very next morning.  I did think at the time that it seemed so much lighter in shade than when I was being colour matched but I just slapped on lots of bronzer and thought nothing of it.  I used the foundation for the last few days both with powder and without, to see how it fared.  As I was taking the photos for this blog post I happened to look at the bottom of the bottle and realised that instead of shade Champagne which I think is number 3 I had got shade 1 in my goody bag which is called ‘I’m pure for sure Ivory’ so that is why the pic below makes me look rather pale.

Packaging – the clear plastic pump dispenser, to me, is both practical and functional as it isn’t as heavy as a glass bottle so won’t make your handbag weigh a ton and the pump gives out just the right amount of product.  A friend mentioned that she thought the packaging looked rather cheap considering the price of the foundation but even though I normally like fancy packaging for foundation I can’t say it really matters to me as I might whip out a bronzer or a mascara on the train, but not a foundation I either put it on at home or at the gym.

Coverage is great and I don’t think it is too light at all, it covers imperfections and redness/veins without being thick and mask like and it does  give a nice luminous finish.  I think perhaps when they say light they mean weightless or not thick and mask like, as it is definitely pigmented enough to cover well which I was impressed by.

There are 9 shades in the range which I think is a good amount, they seem to come in 3 different depths and three different tones which should cover a good amount of people.

I found that the foundation lasted all day without the need to be touched up, I did set it with powder on my t-zone for work and then it easily lasted a 12 hour day without fading or being eaten by my skin!

Overall I give this foundation 9/10 and am only -1 because of the packaging not appealing to some people and the price maybe being too much for some.  But then again I am reviewing this as a higher end product.  If you want something similar but at a lower cost then you would probably enjoy Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.

The foundation costs £24.50 and you can purchase it here 

Do you like Benefit products?  What do you think of the foundation?