If I ran out of these I would have a bitch fit

There comes a time in every makeup obsessed girl’s life when she finally realises that despite having 40 lippies and 13 mascaras…..she actually has a favourite mascara and a favourite lip gloss.  Shocking I know and shhhhhhh please don’t tell my boxes and drawers full of other makeup as they might get jealous and I wouldn’t want that.  L’oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother pucker Lip Plumper are two products that I make sure I repurchase as soon as the previous ones look like they might run out, funnily enough they both tend to run out around the same time which is quite handy for trips to Boots in Bluewater.

L’oreal Voluminous is probably the most boringly packaged L’oreal mascara but it is by a country mile their best, I wish they did a tube of their white primer that they use for their double ended mascaras as I would love a big fat tube of that to use with this.  When I want massive lashes I put on the primer, put on a layer of this, put on a layer of  the fibres from ModelCo’s fibre mascara then put on another coat of voluminous (really spilling my weirdo mascara layering secrets now) then sometimes I stick on a few individual lashes if it’s for a night out.  Being high maintenance sure does take up some time!

Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker gloss (£9) is hardcore, I kissed the back of my hand once and the ingredients that make youR lips swell are so strong that I got a rash on the back of my hand! Keep this just to lips please otherwise you will look a bit weird, and don’t get this on the skin around your mouth or that will go bright red.  Exercise some caution, take care and you will have one big fat kisser that often causes people to ask who did my lips as they want them.

And if you wondered what a ‘Bitch Fit’ looks like? I can’t say for sure as each one is different,  but it certainly isn’t pretty.