What is crack a lackin?

Sometimes I feel like my blogging time just evaporates into thin air with work, work, housework, more work and now and again having some fun.

The funny thing that I realised recently is that I have the most fun sometimes when I am on my own reading books or writing my blog or articles about skincare and beauty products.  I love to escape and let my mind wander free and I really do need to make time for both things as I am getting totally exhausted.

To make a positive step towards this I ordered 4 new books and am finally going to try and force myself to read one of the Twilight books (I hate Twilight).  Plus I am here, blogging at midnight, on my own on a Saturday night.  Not very pimpin is it? But I am doing something that I love, added benefit when I have my car viewings tomorrow I don’t have to talk to people with a massive hangover so that’s a win.

Please do keep your fingers and toes crossed for me selling the Minnie the Mini tomorrow by the way, I need to sell it for my deposit on a spanking new car so thinking positive should hopefully help.

My flat seems to have a beige agenda

Strange occurings have been happening in my flat, I have actually ordered some furniture which is a revelation.  It might seem odd but I actually hate or perhaps even despise all forms of home decorating and design, DIY and that such malarky. The reason? Frankly I am shit at it.

I can never be that person who wanders into the shops and comes out with a cool vase they found in the sale for £2 or who picks up some bedlinen and cushions and quilts and they all look amazing together. I buy things I like then they don’t match or they don’t look good together or they just turn out to be stupid.

It’s quite frustrating and puts me off buying anything else which has led me to not having any dining chairs for 6 months! Yes 6 actual months! I still didn’t order any but I just don’t like any chairs I can afford and I cannot stand buying things ‘just because’ so I don’t have any chairs (If you would like to buy me the £400 chairs my stupid brain has deemed acceptable then by all means)!  That’s a logical explanation right?….

What did arrive today is my lovely TV stand/cabinet which is from Next.  It’s black and shiny and has two sliding cupboards for DVD’s, a drawer for something or other and a flip down bit where you hide the sky box and xbox type things.  I LOVE this because it minimises dusting stupid dvd’s and sky boxes as it’s all hidden.  It also means my room looks more tidy and I hate tidying so another plus.  I sound like such a useless housewife but I am good at washing and cooking and cleaning the bathroom! Just not so good at ironing and erm..everything else.

I went to the Nicki Minaj concert at the O2 last week and had a fab time, that was the first proper arena concert I have been to so that was brilliant.  The last time I went to the arena to see a show it was for Russell  Brand and while that was rammed this show was abso-lutely choc full of people, the mosh pit was an absolute writhing sea of people jumping up and down.  Tyga (or T-Raw I can’t work out which he is using) was the support act and Micha B came on and sang a couple of songs.  I actually thought Micha B was quite good and I love Tyga so that was brilliant to get a support act that you like as much as the main act.  The man is totally crazy though, rapping whilst hopping up and down on one foot whilst spinning in a circle then ripping your top off and running off the stage and trying to crowd surf? Haha crazy fool!

What I did think was really poor though was all of the stupid parents bringing their kids to the concert.  The tickets (well my ticket at least) said OVER 18 SECTION.  It’s like when you go on holiday and little brats ruin your holiday and it’s the parent’s fault for letting them do that and it’s the parents fault for letting them come to an over 18 ticketed concert. I know I sound grumpy but a concert where Tyga is using the C word and Nicki isn’t shy on the swearing front, I just don’t think that is suitable for the 10 year olds I saw at the concert.  I didn’t even know what the C word was at 10!

We had a quick dinner at Spur at the O2 before the concert and while the service was a bit slow (it was VERY busy so I am not complaining) the food was delicious. I had chicken fajitas and the above pictured waffle which was waffle tastic, I could have eaten 10 more if I didn’t feel so fat I might die.

Now here’s a picture from Zara home, I am trying to get my bedroom to look somewhat like this.  It’s not working yet,  but I am at least trying.

I make a mean casserole (with the help of one of the Schwartz Beef and Ale sachets but shh don’t tell my secrets) but I did realise while chopping my vegetables that all of my utensils are pink, it wasn’t even intentional! I just went a bit crazy in TK Maxx and pink stuff is in abundance there.  Probably because nobody sane wants pink knives and chopping boards.

I love candles and generally stick to Rituals Fig after my friend Angela bought me some or anything Cinnamon esque but I branched out slightly as I picked up Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie candle from Clinton’s and it is a new fave.  The candle smells exactly like a sponge cake is baking in the oven.  It does make me a bit hungry but the scent is so sweet and butter and delicious that I can forgive it.  This is definitely going to be purchased again to stock up for the year.  Not just for Christmas by any means.

That seems like enough of a ramble from me.  I shall hopefully update when my flat looks like the Zara home homepage…. haha! I can’t even keep a straight face and type that!