Elegant Touch Red Glitter Nails

I love red nails for Christmas and the Elegant Touch Limited Edition red glitter nails are perfect for this as if you are fed up of red glitter straight after boxing day you can get them off without much of a faff and go back to something else for New Year’s Eve.


The only issue I had was that there are 10 size nails but there weren’t any of the nails quite small enough for my two smallest nails so I just improvised with some red glitter to try and match them up.

The nails are easy to apply and you can either use nail glue or the adhesive tabs provided in the box.  With nails glue they last about a week and with the tabs a few days so perfect for a special night out or Christmas day itself.

They are a perfect way to look polished and Christmassy without spending a lot of money or if you don’t have time to get your nails done.

I accessorised mine with a little 3D nail art snowman from Nail Rock> Frou Frou Holiday

You can buy them in Boots and they are currently on special offer http://www.boots.com/en/Elegant-Touch-Glitter-Nails-Red_1277873/