Sensational Magnetize Magnetic Gel Polish

As I already have the Sensationail kit that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago I thought I would try out one of their newly available polishes from the Magnetize Magnetic Polish.  They don’t have any magnetic Shellac polishes so I was interested to see how easy it was to use as I hadn’t ever used even a regular metallic nail varnish before.

The box contains the polish, a magnet, instructions and a hoof stick.  I chose the shade Tantalize.

The magnetic polish contains tiny metal bits and so when you hover the (included in the box) magnet over the polish before drying it in the lamp the magnet attracts the metal bits and they move, therefore making a pattern in the gel.  You then cure the gel and the pattern stays.

Holding the magnet vertically gives a subtle liney look

Holding the magnet horizontally gives the look shown on the box

The Full Procedure

  • Apply basecoat and cure
  • Apply one coat of colour and cure
  • Apply another coat of colour then hover the magnet over the nail for 10 seconds, repeat for each finger then cure
  • Topcoat then cure

I found this remarkably simple to do and the pattern was really cool and different.  Sometimes nail art can be such a faff and this looks really unique without taking ages.  I found that holding the magnet sideways with the stick horizontal to your hand gave a much better design on the nail than around the other way.

I would definitely buy another colour and think that it’s a really fun idea and they are only £13 from or you can also get them in store at Asda or Boots.