Learning to Snowboard

Bloody cheek getting in the way of my shot just because you need to pay at the till lol!

I promised myself this year I would do more things outside of my comfort zone, to learn new things, meet different people and generally go out more and enjoy life.

Perhaps misguidedly I seem to have decided to start off by attempting to become Lara Croft! I had thought more like travel more and maybe do some cookery courses but after a vague conversation about snowboarding, I booked myself some lessons.  Prior to the first lesson I was excited as I had no idea of the fear I would be experiencing.  I probably should mention at this point that even my driving lessons terrified me, I was pretty good at them and I forced myself to do them as obviously driving is a necessity these days but I would arrive home shaking and sweating even weeks after passing my test!  It’s totally irrational and  now I love my car and I love driving! Since I know that I have to make myself do things like this I am literally forcing myself to go through with these lessons, I passed Level 1 at the snow centre in Hemel Hempstead last week and today passed my Level 2 class. http://www.thesnowcentre.com/  My instructor today was so nice to me which was good as I was the only girl and felt a bit like I was slowing the other guys down, just googled and found this video of him so if you go and are a total uncool girl like me then definitely ask if Kris is available as he is very patient even when I am sure I was being a total plank.

I am sure some people pick it up super fast but I just feel abject terror and as soon as the panic set it I stop thinking about what I should be doing ie stick hips forward or back or lean to the side or to the front or bend knees and fall forward or back if I can’t stop as the brain just blocks that out and changes to ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Jesus what the fuck are you doing?!!!!!’ And all logic goes out the window.  So far it just feels like the most unnatural thing in the world especially that rope lift – I was very glad today to find we used the metal pole lift thing, that was so much easier! I felt much more nervous about Level 2 than Level 1 as I knew how difficult it would be!  Luckily I seem to have some sort of get up and go as I got there and passed it.  I congratulated myself with one of those double wispa bars on the way home.

I’m no expert so here’s some tips from one newbie to another:

As a beginner you will spend a lot of time falling or sitting on your bum, so invest in a decent pair of waterproof trousers, Bench have an ebay shop and I got some nice navy ones for around £35.  I would say rent your clothes but it costs £6.50 each time so you might as well get some on ebay if you definitely think you will be doing more lessons or snowboarding.

You might not need as many layers as you think if you are learning inside at a snowdome type place like me, I was sweating hot both times, I think I will just wear a vest and hoodie next time underneath my waterproof jacket.

Buy the gloves and socks at the Snow Centre, they were deffo cheaper than a lot other ones I found online.

Try to distract yourself with silly thoughts when you are over-thinking what to do so you calm down, when I was laughing I did so much better than when I was trying to concentrate too much.

Wear a headband under the helmet, if you’re like me your hair will get so sweaty and it’s horrible.

Anyway I shall let you know how I get on with other levels.  I am feeling quite chuffed right now but also totally exhausted (and bruised)!