Sk:n Skincare, Inhibitif and Rooftop Bars

I went to an event at Sk:n clinic in Holborn on Tuesday which was really amazing.  Not only did I get to view an Isolaz acne treatment which uses a high tech laser combined with pore purifying suction technology to purify your skin from inside out, I got to chat with one of the doctors about glycolic peels which I would love to have done and to review on the blog, I got a big box of Sk:n skincare to test out and also lots and lots of information on their treatments and the changes in the industry that are very likely due to the recently published Keogh Report which Professor Keogh was asked to do in light of the whole PIP scandal with breast implants and, if taken on by the government (which is incredibly likely), what different effects this will have on the surgical and non surgical procedures and how they are administered.  I have so much information now but the first thing I am going to do is test out the products.  Above are the products that I will be using and I will update after a couple of weeks as to how I am getting on.  I

I am also testing out a new product to Boots called Inhibitif  which is to stop hair growing, I will be using it on my legs.  You apply it twice a day for 8 weeks so we shall see how I get on.

In other news I feel the need, now we finally have some sun, to try and go to as many of the London rooftop bars as possible to review so I have a few on the list, hopefully I will get to go to some soon but if you have any recommendations of rooftop bars in London then please let me know.
Have a lovely weekend everyone xx