Finally I get time to post and Summer is here!

The Summer beauty problem that is bugging me at the moment is commuters on public transport who do not seem to have washed for way too long!  This made me think what a difference a lovely zesty shower gel would make.  I’ve been testing out lots of different shower gels so I should hopefully have a review of those up by the weekend.

In other news last weekend we went to Wireless, I got tickets for the entire three days as they had spread out all of the acts I wanted to see which was a bit of an expensive pain in the bum but what can you do! I had the best time ever.  The highlight of my weekend was seeing Snoop Dogg on Friday and I’d asked my mate Dan from work to join us who loves Snoop as well so all three of us were loving it. Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake and Kendrick Lemar were all absolutely amazing but strangely was really rubbish! There was no atmosphere and he brought out some girl from the voice! I have no idea why he thought people had paid a shed load of money to watch that!

The Jagermeiser tent introduced me to the genius cocktail of Jager, ginger beer and cucumber. Talk about mind blow, it tastes so refreshing and delicious! The most hilarious act we saw were the Mariachi Doritos! The Mariachi band advertising Doritos had their own mini stage and were singing covers but OMG it was hilarious, they were fab!

Last week I went to see The Cripple of Inishmaan which was starring Daniel Radcliffe.  His acting was great, I only thought about Harry Potter for a few minutes before I got into his new character and the rest of the cast are equally brilliant.  He has the title role in the play and his character is a feeble teen that nobody wants to kiss so he gets teased mercilessly by his peers and mollycoddled by his aunties.  The play is very funny, I had not been expecting to laugh so much but the characters are well developed and the set really brings to mind a stereotypical Irish landscape so you get sucked in pretty quickly. From the village shop stocked mostly with peas and not enough American candy for one of the local boys to a lady who stares at stones when she’s having a funny turn(!) it was definitely the provider of some much needed laughter.  Definitely go and see this one if you get the chance.

My friend Lucy and I have tickets to see Private Lives next month so hopefully that will be just as good, I was excited that it’s starring Duck Face (Anna Chancellor) from Four Weddings and a Funeral LOL!  I do love a bit of Four Weddings so it will be cool to see her in that, quite handy that people at my office have a lot of nights out at the theatre so you can usually get a review before you book from a real person rather than a newspaper!  The other shows I really want to see at the moment are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Book of Mormon (again) I have never laughed so hard at any show in my life it made me cry and laugh and be in gobsmacked shock at some of the rude jokes it was fabulous. I can’t wait to go again.

So hopefully I will be back soon with the shower gel review.  Fingers crossed! Sometimes I feel that there aren’t enough days in a week any more!

Sarah x