Easilocks Heat Protector Pro Rose Gold Oil

Personally, I love a hair oil now I have extensions, it was way too thin to use one before! I know a lot of other people love them too but finding a good one can be quite difficult as some have a tendency to be too thick and instead of making your hair smooth, sleek and moisturised, tend to make it look greasy or sticky.

I haven’t found another hair extension brand with a hair oil so I wanted to test this one out.  You can of course still use it on natural hair, as most hair extensions are human hair anyway.  To find a hair oil that is also a heat protectant is perfect, I would rather use less products on my hair so it isn’t weighed down.

That’s me on the left, in Salvador and Amanda

I think you can see from the picture above that the Easilocks heat protector Rose Gold Oil does a pretty good job! My hair is sleek and frizz free, without looking greasy or weighed down.  Excuse my  ‘oh god I hate having my photo taken’ smile.

What does it do?

The oil is a blend of several natural oils that will deeply penetrate, protect and nourish hair giving amazing shine and texture without adding weight, resulting in silky smooth and easy to style hair.  It, as the name suggests, is also a heat protectant.

What oils are used?


Rose, Carrot, Chamomile, Coconut, Linseed, Argan and Tahitensis flower extract.

How do I use this product?


It’s very simple to you, I use just one pump of this product for my ends on dry hair and two if I am apply to damp hair before blow drying.

Rub the oil between your palms and smooth over your hair or ends ensuring you distribute it evenly, then brush through, I would suggest with a tangle teezer or similar gentle brush.

Blow dry your hair as normal and reapply a tiny amount if you are then straightening or curling, to the ends of your hair.

Overall thoughts?

I use one or two pumps, a couple of times a week and the bottle is 150ml, so I can see this lasting for a long long time.  The price is £20.99 and bearing in mind how long it will last I think this very economical.

The packaging is sturdy and well made, it doesn’t look like it would leak in your handbag or if you were travelling and 1 pump gives you the perfect amount of product for one application.  The pump would also make it really easy to decant into a smaller bottle for travelling.

The oil only has a very light smell, which I believe is from the Tahitensis flower extract as it does have a soft tropical floral scent.

I would definitely recommend this hair oil, your hair doesn’t look like you’ve put anything on it at all, it just makes it look naturally sleek and shiny, heat protects (and you can actually see the difference compared to not using a heat protector) and smells great and at a great price.

The only negative I can see is that you only appear to be able to purchase it from the Easilocks website, if it could be purchased at Boots or Feelunique online it would be a lot easier (I could be wrong, but I couldn’t find it anywhere).

You can purchase it here Easilocks Heat Protector Pro