Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum and EE Cream Review

The Enlighten Range

The new Estee Lauder Enlighten range contains just 3 products, a night serum to correct dark spots, a moisturiser and the EE cream.  Estee Lauder launched the trio to work as a system to provide prevention and treatment for pigmentation for the day and the night.  I have the EE Cream and the serum and, while I am in love with the serum (as my freckles on my forehead are actually getting less noticeable, much quicker than I would expect), the EE Cream is definitely going to feature in my upcoming holiday around Vietnam, as it will be great for the weather and for travelling.

Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Cream 

We’ve had BB creams, CC creams and now, Estée Lauder has a new product called an EE Cream that promises to “defend against daytime damage”. 

The EE Cream’s full name is the Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector with SPF 30.  They say as well as protecting against UV rays it acts as a barrier against pollution and free radicals.  It really does remind me of the Clinique City Block that I used to use religiously as my primer for years, but in an updated format.  It comes in three shades, light medium and deep.


I really like the blue metallic tube, it’s the perfect size to take on my upcoming holiday and it also, handily, isn’t heavy.  It will be easy to squeeze the last bit of product out of the packaging which I like, I hate silly packaging where you lose half of the product when you get near the end because it’s such a waste of money.

Application and Coverage

The cream is definitely of a BB/CC/tinted moisturiser consistency, not as thick or sticky as one by Dr Jart and not as dry as a Korres tinted moisturiser, somewhere in between, a creamy consistency.  It is quite sheer but it does impart some coverage due to the colour correcting pigments which cover some small imperfections and create a more uniform skintone, without looking like you are wearing any base.  It certainly won’t cover dark circles or spots though, so you would need some concealer to use this alone but it can also be used as a great primer.

It applies quickly and smoothly with your fingers, and as it doesn’t have too much colour, blends very quickly.  I do like the coverage but only if I was using this:

  1. in the UK as a primer before my foundation to get the anti pollution and SPF benefits or 
  2. on holiday or travelling, when I can’t get away with wearing a full face of makeup (but being me, am clearly not going to let the world/photos see me makeup-free).

Estee Lauder Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

This is an intensive serum which I have been using nightly after using either my cleansing balm and facial brush or after cleansing then using an AHA/BHA pad.  It is supposed to held reduce the look of uneven skintones, reduce the appearance of dark spots, discolouration, blotches and redness to basically leave you with good textured smooth glowing skin.  Very appealing!  It doesn’t contain any parabens, sulphates or phthalates which I thought what pretty good for a main stream high end brand. 

In clinical tests apparently 80% saw a  transformation in skin’s texture and tone and 77% saw a reduction in the look of dark spots (however I do not know how many people were in this study, which does make a lot of difference).

The serum is white and is quite thin, quite slippery in consistency and so a little goes a long way.  I have honestly seen visible results in the reduction of my forehead freckles, and my red marks from previous spots have been improving rapidly.  I think this is the first serum I have used that has had such obvious effects, certainly more obvious than my previous Estee Lauder Serum (Night Repair) which I had, prior to using this, thought pretty good.


For me the must have of the range is absolutely the serum, if you have dark spots, age spots, pigmentation or freckles that you want to get rid of, sun damage you want to diminish or if the texture of your skin is just looking a bit sad.

While the EE cream is a nice to have product it’s not personally a must have for me as, while there’s nothing wrong with it at all, and it’s not a bad product,  it doesn’t impart enough coverage for me to be able to use it alone, and there are better primers out there with SPF in my opinion.