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Hong Kong View – Victoria Harbour


I had a feeling I would enjoy Hong Kong but I had no idea how much I would fall in love with the city.  There are so many things to do and places to go.  The people are so friendly and polite and everything is so efficient.  Here are some of the amazing things I got to experience during the first 4 days during a business trip. I will post separately about my holiday which comes after this.

I came here to work on Monday 20th October until Friday 24th October and then for a holiday until 27th October.  I have had a very varied trip with lots of different experiences from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive and super fancy and I have loved them all.


Four Seasons Hong Kong


I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel with work.  The staff are amazing, so friendly and helpful. The hotel is drop dead gorgeous and the harbour view….wow (I had a deluxe harbour view room, thanks work)!  There is a Spa, a 3 Michelin starred Chinese restaurant, Le Caprice restaurant, Inagiku Japanese restaurant, an outside pool, amazing lobby, and bars. You can have a great time here.


Chee Kei Restaurant Hong Kong

Chee Kei

My colleague Ro and I had a casual dinner at Chee Kei on Monday night before all the meetings kicked off.  They are quite a small, cash only restaurant but the food was delicious and ultra cheap.  I had wonton soup with dry egg noodles, Chinese mushrooms and some sort of green vegetables.  Ro had some brisket also with the dry egg noodles.  Everything is amazingly flavorful.  I would recommend the mushrooms and the wontons especially.

Lung King Heen

The only 3 Michelin starred Chinese restaurant in the world.  The restaurant is inside the Four Seasons hotel on the 4th Floor  The ambiance in the restaurant was great and the service excellent. The private room for the Board was stunning and our table in the main restaurant was in a corner near the private room so we could keep an eye out if they needed anything but most tables have an amazing view of Victoria Harbor. I would recommend dining just prior to 8pm as you will then see the view of the light show over the harbor.



Ro and I had a mixture of different small tasters of the items so I could try lots of things which included hairy crab dumpling, bbq pork, shrimp, steamed fish and lots of chilli sauce and then some egg white puffs with lotus paste and some green tea jellies for dessert. Everything was amazing and I highly recommend this restaurant if you have a business meeting. It is a bit expensive for everyday dining!

The China Club

We went to The China Club on Wednesday 22nd October as it was nice to leave the hotel and try somewhere authentic and a bit different.  I, unfortunately, didn’t get any pictures as I was so exhausted after a ridiculously long day working.  We had hot and sour soup, Peking duck and then some sort of minced meat wraps.  The ambience was great from the private room that the board used full of expensive art and books, like a library really, to the main restaurant where we sat with noodle making shows and singers, but I personally wouldn’t go back, the restaurant had a very very strong smell of I am not even sure what, it wasn’t nice, and which put me off.  The food was ok, nothing to write home about.

Free Time (during lunchtimes)

Walking around Central – this was such a fun thing to do when we went on a market visit, we looked around all the local shops and stalls, saw the 7/11’s and Sasa beauty shops, all the nick nacks for sale and all of the snacks available, there are so many.

I noticed that there are so many escalators in the city, up to different levels of shops or walkways so you can walk around the town without getting rained on.  CitySuper is a supermarket in IFC mall and I went there twice for my lunch, they sell amazing sushi and sashimi for lunch and juices, along with the supermarket items.  They have a lot of US products too, even white chocolate peanut butter, which I wanted but was a bit too heavy to take home.  It’s a bit like a Whole Foods shop.



So that’s it for my business travels. This is a great place to come for a business trip, everything is so handy and nearby and the people are friendly and polite.  I found the trains and the buses are very efficient and even the protest and road blocks didn’t cause the city any problems.  The protests were calm and very tidy, there wasn’t even any litter!  I will update further with my HK holiday and then I have 2 weeks in Vietnam!