Invisibobble Hair Bobble Review – Great for Extensions

 Sometimes putting your hair up can be a real pain, especially if you have extensions, as I do.  Hair bobbles can be uncomfortable, too loose or too tight, cause snagging or ripping when you try and remove the bobble or, worst of all, leave a big kink in your hairdo that needs a good straightening to get it out. It’s frustrating that something so simple causes so many little annoying issues.

Last week I was sent a great product, one of those items you get, like a tangle teezer, and you think why on earth have I never used this before, what have I been doing with my life?!

Invisibobble is called “the traceless hair ring”.  Basically it’s a stretchy coiled band that looks like a telephone cord that you use as a hair bobble.

The invisibobble It doesn’t pull or snag your hair, doesn’t leave any kinks, and is perfect for the gym as it is waterproof and sweat proof, unlike those cloth bands most people use.  The bobble stays in securely without tugging at your hair, the coils anchor into your hair to make it stay put.  It’s easy to put in and to remove from your hair but secure enough to hold up your hair in a pony or bun style.

They are inexpensive at £3.75, come in a box of three which is so tiny it’s perfect for your handbag
or travelling and do exactly what they claim to do, which not a lot of things do these days.

I can honestly say the best hair bobble I have ever used and they come in clear or lots of lovely colours depending on what your style is.


You can buy Invisibobble from Feelunique or Urban
Outfitter stores.