Polagram App for Printing Polaroid Photos

I love printing off photos
easily so I previously printed them using the Persnickety prints website.  One feature I loved about that website was
that you can print a regular photo in a Polaroid style, so no need to purchase
a Polaroid camera – genius idea! As much as I love Persnickety Prints the cost
of shipping to the UK is expensive so when I heard about the app called
Polagram last week and saw that you could make exactly the same type of
pictures, but for much cheaper, I was excited.

Polagram App Photos

The app is called Polagram
and it is an app you upload your photos to from your phones camera roll, your
Facebook account or your Instagram, you choose how you want them printed i.e.
in polaroid form, as an iphone case, as a poster, there are lots of
options.  Polagram ships worldwide and is
super inexpensive.  You can crop the
photos, add a filter or add text to the bottom of the Polaroid if you want to,
they are really cute.

I am obsessed with this app, I
downloaded it straight away and made my order using a code that I had seen on
another bloggers twitter (share the love and all that) Basically you can use a
code to get your first lot of photos (up to £5.00) for free and then the person
who owns the code gets £5.00 in credits to use for more photos. I think it’s a
great idea. It also meant my first order from the app was completely cost free.  I have included the code for my referral link
PGK7Z4QG if you would like to use it
and get yourself £5 off your first order. 
If you do need to pay you can use the normal methods and also Paypal.

The photos are printed on
Fujifilm Archive Supreme Quality Photo Paper and are of A* quality, they were
much better than I even anticipated. 
They arrived today and I think they are so cute, you can see my Paris pictures above. I am going to use a
couple in my Project Life scrapbook album.

Hope you like this quick post
and that it saves you some money! x