The Soho Burlesque Club Starring Miss Polly Rae Review

Venue: The Matcham Room at the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, London.

I went to see the Hurly Burly Show back in 2012, as a newbie to all things burlesque this was my first foray into this type of entertainment and I have loved it since that day (review here).

Reading my review made me smile and go back to that time. I do love my blog for capturing pictures and memories, more than a diary could ever do.  I recently found out that the star of that show,  Miss Polly Rae, was headlining the Soho Burlesque Club at the Hippodrome Casino’s Matcham Room in Leicester Square, so obviously tickets needed to be booked for the weekly show as soon as possible.  Very reasonable the tickets were too, £50 for both of us to sit on our own table with comfy leather seats right near the stage.  The booths are actually further away and cost more so I would go with a table.

I did giggle when I read my previous review which stated  ” I don’t think I would take a guy as all of the guys on dates looked quite uncomfortable as if they weren’t quite sure.”.  Never one to listen to any advice, least of all my own,   I took someone, we sat right near the front and yes got involved with the audience participation.  It is true when they say you care less about things the older you get, and his face was priceless when Polly Rae came and sat on his lap, I wish I had taken a photo! It was like he’d won the lottery jackpot but was absolutely terrified of it! I had to try not to cry laughing.

Burlesque shows are such a good laugh, the acts may be perceived as posh stripping, but really it’s not just about that, it’s the tease, the anticipation, it’s the glamour and the outfits and being a bit cheeky and saucy rather than just in your face nakedness, shimmying and looking a bit grubby. It’s classy, fun, a little bit naughty and very sexy.  Along with the burlesque there are also cabaret and comedy acts, it’s a mix of sexy and hilarious, there’s always something unexpected going on, for example I certainly didn’t expect someone dressed up as a chav with a huge padded bottom to be twerking!!

Back to Miss Polly Rae, who is the gorgeous compere of the show.  She is super sexy with a Jessica Rabbit figure, fabulous bejewelled outfits and even diamante pasties!  She slinks around the stage and the audience, twisting everyone around her little finger, charming everyone with her seductive voice and naughty jokes until you are mesmerised and a little bit in love with her. She sings a mixture of different songs, re working classics with naughty word changes, introduces each act one by one until near the end of the show when she performs her famous feather dance.  The show ends with a group number with all acts singing and dancing to Boom Shakalaka, I was in stitches and also, by the end, rather tipsy!

The show is a mix of old and new with burlesque, fire eating, flaming nipple tassels, singing, silk acrobatics with a hunky shirtless man and so much more.  I think this is a show most people will love as there is something for everyone.  The women are gorgeous and great at their acts and the line-up changes slightly each time so you could go a few times and still see different things.  I thought the venue was brilliant and the drinks not too expensive.  Overall a clear 10/10 must see.

Tickets are from £15, you can book and find out more info here Soho Burlesque Club and find out more about Miss Polly Rae here