Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment Review

I haven’t considered permanent fillers as an option in my anti ageing quest but I was very interested to hear about the non injectable Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment from Labo as an alternative.

This treatment, rather than injectable filler, is a topically applied ‘filler’ to smooth wrinkles and plump up fine lines and lost volume.  It comes with two vials of product and two applicators that look like syringes but, fear not, there are no needles; these are just to help you apply the correct amount of product each time as there are measurements on the side of the tube.

 The packaging looks clinical and professional, not glitzy and fancy.  I find the more scientific products have packaging like this, and it does make you take the product more seriously and think of it automatically as a more effective treatment.

In my opinion the applicator is slightly  unnecessary for the Phase-2 as I couldn’t get the cream to suck up into the syringe as it was too thick, but it was quite useful for the thinner Phase-1 product to ensure that you apply 1ml of product each time for consistency.

The kit contains two vials of product, Phase-1 which is a blend of 6 hyaluronic acids and Phase-2 which is a nourishing film that aims to create a protective barrier on the skin to prevent water-loss, I presumed that
this was a moisturiser in all intents and purposes. You apply Phase-1 first and then Phase-2.

I have used hyaluronic acid products before and been impressed with the results, quite a lot of anti-ageing products contain some form of hyaluronic acid and this is probably because it is the same ingredient used in some injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane.  When you inject your wrinkles with hyaluronic acid it acts like a cushion or to fill in spaces,  and brings water to the surface of skin to keep it looking fresh and youthful.

When you apply hyaluronic acid topically it also has a lot of anti-ageing benefits and replenishes your own naturally produced levels of hyaluronic acid which decrease as you get older.  Hyaluronic acid is effective as a topical treatment because of its ability to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively.

Phase – 1 Gel

This product uses a mix of six types of hyaluronic acids to penetrate into the different layers of your skin to replenish the depleted hyaluronic acid in your skin.  They use 6 different types of hyaluronic acid as they each have different molecular weights, allowing for different levels of penetration and hydration.  High molecular weight acids moisturise the upper layer of skin to prevent water loss and small molecular weight acids penetrate the skin easily, so they are getting right down into the skin’s deeper layers to replenish the
hyaluronic acid there too.  Basically this means that this isn’t just a surface treatment, assisting in improving the ‘appearance’ of fine lines and sagging, it’s getting down into the skin and really helping it from the inside out as well.


Phase – 2 Cream/ Nourishing Film

 What you might not know about Hyaluronic Acid is that it easily evaporates from the skin, so after applying it you need a product over the top to effectively seal it in, so it can get to work.  This is what the Phase-2 product is for.  It contains many moisturising ingredients as well such as palmitic acids and glycerols but it importantly contains silicone (dimethicone) and this will form a protective barrier on the skin, preventing
any evaporating or water loss of the Phase-1 gel.

So to summarize, apply Phase-1 which is full of active ingredients, and Phase-2 to lock in those ingredients so they can’t escape!

Fillerina Clinical Trials


Not a lot of your general skincare products have gone through clinical trials.  If you are confident enough in your product to even complete a clinical trial I think you must really believe in it.

To then publish the data, with a trial showing that a group of 40 women had lip and cheek volume increase and facial contour skin sagging decrease after 14 days of usage with wrinkle depth measurably reduced at 7, 14 and 30 days after treatment, well I think that is fantastic! There is full on proof that this product works, and with the links below you can even see some pictures.  You may think 40 people is quite a small clinical trial, but working in a company that does clinical trials (although not on skincare products) I know that it is a very expensive procedure, and to find and pay for the facility to test 40 people is actually quite a lot of time,
effort and money.

My Experience

Application – I found the products easy to apply but in all honesty the applicator for the Phase-2 product was a bit pointless, it was too thick to be used with the corresponding syringe so I just used a clean cotton bud to get some of the product out, it would be easier if it was either in a big syringe where you squeeze out the required amount each time or just in a squeezy tube.  The products felt nice to apply and smelled nice, for some reason the Phase-2 reminded me a bit of the fragrance CKone! I used the products in the evening as they suggest as if you use them in the morning the silicone in the Phase-2 product can ‘ball up’ when you apply your foundation over the top, which is just a real pain.

Results After Week 1 – skin is looking fresher and more hydrated, nose to mouth lines are much less
visible.  Lips which are normally flaky and dry are not at all dry.  Face looks glowing and healthy.

Results After Week 2 – the results of week 1 have been improved upon, my face really does look glowing and healthy and for the first time in years, I actually felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup for a few hours (now this is unprecedented for me personally, I am one of those weirdos that even wears a bit of makeup to the gym)!


I am extremely impressed with the results from this product.  After 1 week I was able to see a marked
difference in the lines from nose to mouth which are my main issue.  My skin looked plumper and generally glowing from the increased hydration all over my skin and the minimising of fine lines and this just looked even better after 2 weeks.

Paula, a very nice makeup artist I met at the Iver Academy, thought I was 22/23  (I am 30)! Now she was 19, so probably even 22 or 23 seems ancient to her, but I was impressed nonetheless (new bestie alert).

You obviously have to realise that you aren’t going to get as marked a result as having something injected into your face, but there is a noticeable difference and you get the trade-off of the price difference and not
having to have needles jabbed in your face, or the worry of having a procedure which could potentially go wrong.

The clinical data is concise and provides clear evidence that the product is proven to work, I am always impressed with a company that not only conducts a clinical trial but publishes the results. You can also check this webpage out Research Gate  where they say “This study demonstrated the positive filling effect of Fillerina® in decreasing the clinical signs of skin ageing and in improving the face volumes.” And also here where there are some before and after pictures NCBI

This is a new product to the UK so, without many reviews you may be slightly wary of shelling out any money, which is sensible, I am actually pretty frugal with my money and try to buy products and recommend them to you only if I think they are worth it. I would urge you to read the clinical data available and look at the links above if you are potentially interested in trying this out.  I suppose I should also confirm that my review is completely honest and I have not been paid to write about this product or asked to give it a positive review, I was just asked to give my honest opinion.  I would definitely spend my own money on this product and will do when my vials run out.

Please also note, I can see people have purchased this and written reviews on line that aren’t great, but they are using it when really their skin sounds like it is past being able to be helped by a topical treatment (for example there is a review on Cult Beauty where the woman says “I have deep lines on my forehead”) I wanted to mention this as if you have deep lines then you would need an injectable filler to fill them in.

This treatment is most effective on mild to moderate signs of ageing and it states that in the clinical trial data (despite it saying online in some places that it can do more) , so if you have extremely wrinkly or saggy skin please do note that this will help marginally, but isn’t going to do as much as it would to have injectable fillers.

You can purchase this for £79 from Cult Beauty

Find more info at for UK or here for worldwide information