The Best of Benefit Cosmetics

 The Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit is a makeup brand I have been using for years, there are many products that I have tried and liked, but there are certain products that I absolutely love and always repurchase when they run out.  I thought I would share these items with you so you know what I think is worth splurging on from their range.

Benefit Gimme Brow

Who isn’t obsessed with eyebrows? They frame your face, make you look ‘put together’ and give you more definition.  The problem with a lot of eyebrow products is that they take forever to use and need an arsenal of makeup brushes or tools to use them, they aren’t suited to the half-asleep makeup application that I attempt when getting ready for the

The Benefit Gimme Brow is packaged in a tiny mascara tube with an equally tiny mascara style brush, the formulation is a coloured, fibre packed gel, so it fills in any gaps in your brows or areas that are sparse and makes them look full and defined while still looking natural. Gimme Brow is perfect for everyday as its long wearing, waterproof and smudge proof.  For the most natural effect start at the inner part of the brow and work out, for more fullness comb the hairs in the opposite way (work from the outside in) and then repeat from the inside out so you get double the amount of fibres on your brows.  I use this product every day.

Benefit Feelin Dandy Box Set

This box is a pocket size lip and cheek kit which includes all of my favourites but in mini size so that they are great to take on holiday or in your handbag.  It’s not very often you find a palette or set with all of your loves so this is perfect for me.

The set includes:

  • Posietint
    poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain
  • High beam
    luminescent complexion enhancer
  • Dandelion a
    brightening face powder
  • Ultra plush
    dandelion lip gloss

Posietint Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain

Pose Tint is, in my opinion, the best out of the Benefit tints and perfect for lighter skin tones.  I use it as a blush over foundation (but under powder) or you can also use it on your cheeks then apply blusher over the top if you are going somewhere hot, humid or sweaty to ensure your blush is long wearing. You do have to blend it quickly, but that’s true of most makeup products with high water content. You can use it on lips but I never have personally (I have a lifelong lip-gloss addiction).

High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

Long product name as let’s be honest it’s a highlighter, but it’s one of my favourite highlighters as it’s so flattering and easy to use. This is great to wear at any age, I bought it first years ago when I heard that Kylie used it and I think she is gorgeous.

I wear it all the time as not only does it give a luminous ethereal highlight to the cheekbones and brow bone you also can mix it with foundation to give your skin some life if you have a hangover or are recovering from being unwell, to make you look more human (not glittery, you won’t look like a Twilight reject I promise). It lasts all day and the bottle will last forever, I actually prefer the mini size as the full size dried up before I had finished half of it, the mini is more economical.

Benefit Dandelion Blush / Brightening Face Powder

The colour is my perfect shade, not to bright, not too pale, neutral toned and nicely pigmented.  It goes really well with my skin tone and lasts all day. It has a very slight iridescence which makes your cheeks look luminous rather than shimmery or glittery.  It’s very flattering for all ages.

Ultra plush Dandelion Lip Gloss

Literally the same as dandelion blusher in a lip-gloss form. I always keep this in my handbag on workdays as I can apply it at my desk or in a cab without needing a mirror, it’s the perfect suits-every-look gloss and isn’t sticky at all, which cuts down on the lip-gloss/hair/glasses conundrum. If you wear glasses you will know what I mean.

I love that it leaves my lips really moisturised and soft and I get lots of compliments when I wear it, it’s definitely a lip-gloss love.

So these are my Benefit must have’s,  what are yours?

Product cost:

Benefit Feelin Dandy Kit £25.50

Benefit Gimme Brow £18.50