Black Marble Macbook and iPhone Case with Caseapp

 I love a new iPhone case and after treating myself to a lovely new Macbook Air that clearly needed it’s own case too.

Caseapp gave me a code so I could treat myself to some new covers for my iPhone and Macbook  I thoroughly enjoy shopping on their website and I found the gorgeous marble iPhone case and Macbook skin.   I really have loved the marble trend this year as much as everyone else seems to.

After much deliberation I ordered two items from their standard line.  The black marble Macbook Skin and the black marble  iPhone 6 case.  There are lots of standard choices of cases and skins and lots of different types of marble to choose from.  There’s even a Hotline Bling case! These are perfect for the people who want something classic or, like me, are not the best at being artistic or just can’t think of any ideas.

 Chanel Case – Amanda Khamkaew  Nike Case – Danielle JJackson
Chanel Macbook – Fannye Skilson

For those that want to cover their phone or laptop with memories you can upload your own photos and make a collage or just have one big photos, perhaps of your children.  I made one covered with as many blue toned holiday snaps I could find and then added a ‘take me to the beach’ logo.  I then customised a pizza case with one of their other logos.

The website is super easy to use and my cases arrived really quickly.  They all fit my perfectly! I love the fact that the Macbook skin is so easy to put on the cover.  You line it up with the apple logo sign and the edges and it takes literally a minute.  The cover is really thick so no need to worry about air bubbles. I love my customised cases as you know that nobody will have the same design as you.

Caseapp is a great website if you need a new phone or laptop case. You can get cases from all different sizes of iPhone, Samsung Phone,  iPad, Macbook and iPod.  They range from £19-22.

And if you want a 20% discount code then please use IHEARTCASE20 on