Beautiful Printed Instagram Photos with Cheerz

Beautiful Printed Instagram Photos

Keeping photos from your travels is amazing. It means you are instantly transported back every time you see the picture hanging in your home.  Cheerz are an awesome brand with a great app which you can upload any photos from your social media account to and they print super cool things with them such as my beautiful framed square above with four of my favourite pictures from my Vietnam holiday.  But how do you  take amazing Instagram holiday pictures that make you want to have them printed out?  It always seemed completely impossible to me but here are some tips I have learned that I hope you find helpful

Adjust your photos subtly with Apps

One of the best things I did was buy a DSLR with wifi (Nikon D5300) so I can instantly send all of my pictures from the camera to my iPhone and use different apps to adjust them before I post them to Instagram. Most photo editing apps include tools to adjust highlights and shadows so take advantage of them.

Change the exposure and brightness, add a filter to bring out the warmer hues in photos that need it and play around until you have a brighter more even toned photo. Adding a vignette can also help if the focus is on the centre point of your pic as it adds a darker border to your photo so makes the image in the centre ‘pop’.  Apps I like are PicLabHD, Facetune to bur out under eye bags and whiten teeth and Picsart PhotoStudio.

Take Multiples

If you see a fantastic view or are having a fantastic day or are out sightseeing and take a picture with a friend or partner, always take one on your own too! It’s sad having to put a photo away in a box or throwing it away if you want to keep the memory but don’t see or talk to the other person in the photo anymore, so be sensible and taken plenty of landscape and solo pictures as well.

Photo from funnystatus

Have Trouble Taking the Perfect Selfie?

Burst mode is perfect to take a blast of a few photos that you can then pick the best one from, this is also good for selfies when you always tend to make the same facial expression, try laughing and moving into different poses while using the burst feature and then picking the one where you look more relaxed and natural rather than a simple one shot posed photo where in my case I just look awkward and a bit on edge.  On the iPhone, simply press and hold the shutter to take photos in burst mode.  Android phones can enable this by opening the Camera App, tapping Settings > More Options > Burst Mode.

Try Different Angles

Going to the top of a building! Hiking to the top of a hill or mountain or going to the top of a really tall monument.  Use a selfie stick that reaches over the top of the barrier to avoid it getting in the way.  This will help you  get a more interesting  viewpoint.  Or try shooting from below up.  For example if you are at the bottom of some stairs up to a temple and you want to capture how tall and majestic it is.

Use the Grid

Use the grid on your iPhone camera to make sure the subject of your photo is placed best.  The rule of two thirds is a well-known composition.  For square Instagram photos I think this generally works best for larger items. Or for people or smaller things to keep them central.  You can find out information about placing the subjects of your photos from this great website here rule of thirds info

Printing Your Photos 

Once you’ve mastered taking some great photos and you want to print them out I totally recommend using the Cheerz App, you can  Download their iOS app   or download our Android app alternatively you can use their website

You can have your photos printed in so many ways.  From framed pictures or photo booth strips to collages and Polaroid style pictures.  You can even have your photos made into magnets. So you can create an Instagram style wall on your fridge or pinboard.  It’s quick and easy to do and the pictures are sent out really quickly.  I received my picture within a week and it cost just £19.99.  The pictures are such a bargain and perfect for a Christmas present at this time of year.  Great for those people that ‘have everything’ and you never know what to buy them.

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