Revlon Shine Addict Buffer Review

Revlon Shine Addict Buffer Review

Revlon Shine Addict Buffer Review

Are you having a bad nail day? If you’ve recently taken off acrylics or gel nails by picking them off, been mistreating your nails or just were too lazy to take your nail varnish off, then I have a great product suggestion for you.

I was recently sent the Revlon Shine Addict Buffer (£29.99), to review and it really helps to sort your nails
out and restore the natural shine in only a few minutes.  It is so much quicker and more effective than hand buffing your nails thanks to the micro-grain roller surface and it buffs
each nail in only two seconds.

What can you use it for?

I wear gel polish all of the time on my fingernails and toenails and sometimes I think about giving my nails a break but they always look a bit ridged so I end up just applying the gel polish again.  But now, using the shine addict buffer you can soak off your gel or acrylic and then buff your nails so they look so shiny that there will be no need to use clear varnish.

If you did still want to apply your gel polish or acrylic afterwards the buffer provides the perfect quick way to prep nails for a long-lasting nail colour application.  I love this for my toes especially as it’s just so hard to try and make them look nice when filing or buffing by hand as the angle isn’t right.


How to Use

1 – Buff each nail for 2 seconds using the green roller.

2 – Polish each nail with the white roller as long as required to enhance the shine.

Each Shine Addict Nail Buffer comes with four high-performance rollers – two buffers and two polishers. These have a lifespan of around three months with average usage and extra rollers can be purchased separately.

Overall Thoughts 

This is one of those products that I tried with an open mind. Thinking how good can it really be and once I had used it realised that I really did need it in my life as it makes doing your nails so much quicker and easier.  The packaging is compact and cute.  It’s really simple to use as you just pull off the roller and pop on the new one to change over.

The only negative I can think of is that replacement rollers are a little expensive.  At about £10 per set of 4.

You can purchase this from Amazon  or Superdrug