SmoothSkin Gold IPL Overview and Amazing Giveaway

SmoothSkin Gold IPL Overview

There are a number of IPL devices on the market for home hair removal. One of the most recent releases is the Smooth Skin gold IPL machine by impulse.   RRP is £299, and you can purchase it from .  You can also buy it from Boots SmoothSkin Gold at Boots .  Or you can can enter to win one yourself if you scroll down to the bottom of this blog post.

The new SmoothSkin Gold machine is the fastest and most powerful Home IPL hair removal device on the market. I think that’s important to take on board because there are lots of different IPL machines on the market.  They have varying strengths and price tags.  The fact that this does need to be plugged in means it is the most powerful machine on the market.  That means you can see results quicker than if you’re using a lower power machine. As it’s a powerful device I should also mention that it’s also very safe to use at home.

SmoothSkin Gold IPL Overview

The device has different levels of power.  Start off with the gentle mode by pressing the button with a feather on it on the handset.   This is good to try first if you’ve never had laser hair treatment so you can get used to it.  You will need to move up to the higher settings,  the higher you go the more intense  the pulse will be.  This means it will be better at removing the hair.  They recommend that you use a 12 week programme with this machine.  This is what I’m going to be doing.

You can use the Smooth Skin Gold to remove hair from your upper lip and jawline.  Downwards including all of the rest of your body including underarms, legs and bikini line.  The machine is unisex and can be used on any hair that is not grey, white or red. You can also check which skintones work with the machine on the chart on the box or using this link where you can also find out more about the machine directly What Is IPL?

It’s never been quicker easier or quicker to get an IPL salon treatment at home. Before using the device prepare your skin by shaving the area that you want to treat.  Plug the machine in and press the ready button once to enable the machine turn the device on.  Place the handset firmly on the area to be treated making sure both skin tone sensors at the side of the treatment window are firmly pressed against the skin.

If a valid skin tone is detected the power bars on the side of the handset will light up to indicate this and customise your settings.  Then just press the activation button!  It doesn’t hurt, there is just a warm sensation on your skin and with each flash of intense pulsed light, the absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.

There are two different methods of using the machine to remove hair – the stamp mode and the glide mode.  For the stamp mode just press against the skin, press the button, wait for the flash of light then move the device and repeat. For glide mode keep the activation button pressed down and glide the machine over the area you wish to treat.

Clinical Results

94% of women experienced noticeable permanent hair reduction

83% of women had, on average, 83% less hair

96% would recommend it to a friend

So what I’m going to be doing is using this once a week for 12 weeks and I’m going to be doing my underarms which are the bane of my life so I’ll keep you updated on how I get on and if you have any questions please do feel free to leave them in the comments.



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