Clinique Sonic System Facial Brush Gift Set Review

Clinique Sonic System Facial Brush

If you’re travelling soon and have wanted a facial brush then the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is a good one to try.  You can now get a gift set called Cleanse, Purify, Glow which is exclusive to Duty Free and as well as the Sonic System also includes a full size foaming facial soap (150ml), Clarifying Lotion No. 2 (60ml) and a tube of dramatically different moisturising lotion (30ml).

If purchased in UK’s world duty free the Clinique Cleanse, Purify Glow gift set costs just £48.70 whereas online or on the high street the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing brush costs around £79.00 just by itself!

Clinique Sonic System Facial Brush

The Sonic System itself isn’t a harsh brush so perfect for those of us who felt like the Clarisonic was akin to taking a sheet of sandpaper to their face.

You can use the brush for 1 cycle (30 seconds) or 2 so that you are cleansing your skin for a full minute.  The bristles on the brush head are really soft and you can buy replacement heads quite cheaply.  I would suggest using a new brush head once every month if you use it twice a day every day.

The brush head doesn’t oscillate (spin around) like the Clarisonic.  This means you don’t get a sanding effect.  Instead the Clinique brush head vibrates so it’s safe to use on dry skin that’s a little sensitive (if your skin is very sensitive I would still give this a miss).

I really like this brush as it doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin at all.  It’s ergonomic and easy to use. It’s not heavy or cumbersome and is small enough to pop in my cupboard next to the shower as I hate leaving things like that out on the surface as they just tend to get dusty.

If you’re not at the airport you can still pick this brush up if it looks like something you would like, you can get it at the usual Clinique counters or online here 

Have you got a facial brush? Which one do you use?