Holiday Skin – How to Maintain Your Tan

 to Maintain Your Tan

Holiday Skin

So you’ve got back from holiday with a lovely tan but after a few weeks it seems to disappear. How can you stop this happening?

Well unfortunately everyone loses about 1 million skin cells every 24 hours and the outside layer of human skin replace every month this is a normal process however as melanin is what makes your skin look tanned and during the winter or the colder months when you’re back from holiday the cycle of regrowth and shedding of skin continues but the production of melanin in your skin drops off as the UV radiation reduces (ie because you’re in England and the sun is being an idiot) so over the weeks that you’re back basically your skin plus tan sheds away and you probably end up hoovering the skin cells up.

Holiday Skin – Maintain Your Tan

To make your tan last longer it might seem counter-productive to exfoliate however nobody is going to think your tan looks good if you are dry and crispy, so recently I have started using the cooling glacial scrub by Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden (on my body), you can use it in the bath or shower and it’s a sea salt scrub with aloe vera and cucumber which helps to polish away all the dead dry skin leaving behind smooth soft skin, use this once a week and concentrate on the knees, elbows, shins and heels.

 to Maintain Your Tan


My face I like to exfoliate using the  PMD Personal Microdermabrasion machine.  It’s the best beauty gadget that I have ever used as it has so many different ways to exfoliate different parts of your body you can use a sensitive head to the device once a week to ensure your skin is smooth and soft all you can use their hand and foot or body discs to exfoliate everything from your dry heels and cuticles to your bikini line to get rid of ingrown hairs. Using this once a week on my face stopped my tan from looking dry and patchy and also helped my aftersun and serums penetrate the skin better.


Aftersun is also very important to use instead of body lotion or oil if you have a suntan or a sunburn because it takes the heat out of the skin while moisturising rather than retaining it.  I have two preferences for aftersun, one is for if I am in a rush which is the Nivea in shower aftersun fresh which you apply after using your shower gel then just rinse off in the shower and pat try.  The other is the Korres aftersun moisturising body milk with aloe vera which I absolutely adore, smells amazing, hydrates so well and is full of amazing ingredients such as aloe and avocado oil so your skin is silky and smooth and no nasties such as mineral oil, petrolatum or silicones.

Maintain Your Tan

Dry Skin

My face was quite dry going from a super sunny climate to a cold and rainy one and the best thing I could find to hydrate it were the amazing asian cloth masks that are soaked in either a serum or moisturiser that literally douse your skin in moisture for it to soak up.  You can buy some on the high street but they are so expensive I absolutely recommend getting some of the proper asian beauty ones directly from the fabulous Asian Beauty Plus my favourites are the Dr Morita Moisturising Essence  and Whitening Essence Facial Masks which are filled with hyaluronic acid and collagen to leave your skin youthful and dewy and the SNP Animal Masks which are not only amazingly moisturising also have animal faces printed on the masks so they are functional and hilarious! The dragon and tiger ones are my faves.

Cloth Masks

You can get all sorts of Asian beauty products from the website too and they kindly gave me the voucher code IHEARTCOSMETICS for you to use until 31 December 2016 to get a 15% discount.

Holiday Skin

Gradual Tan

Once your skin is soft and smooth you can think about trying to extend your tan.  Use  a gradual tanner such as the Kissed by Mii gradual tanner which I have mentioned before.  You also try the Rimmel Sun Shimmer 1 Min Express In Shower Self Tan Lotion.  This works in just the same way as the in-shower aftersun.  Wash yourself then apply in the shower, wait 1 minute then rinse off.  I would suggest applying this wearing latex gloves.

Both products are great but the Rimmel one is a bit less fuss. They both give a light natural golden brown colour and nothing too dark or obvious and you can also just use them where you have tan lines or strap marks to try and disguise them. I have used both on my body and face and they work fine for me.

New Products

I have also been loving the amazing Glow by Hand Chemistry.  It’s a DHA free alternative to self tan.  It’s a dry oil for immediate and long lasting golden radiance, so you can apply it all over your body.  It has  a gorgeous scent and gold shimmer, perfect for a night out.

As well as instant bronzing and shimmer effect the Keto-sugar (Erythrulose) also tans your skin with a lasting golden bronze.  Winner! Again I recommend wearing latex gloves when using this so you don’t get orange palms.

Last Tip

My last tip is more how to appear more tanned.  Mix  Cocoa Brown Matte wash off bronzer into your foundation or tinted moisturiser!  It also helps if your face is fading quicker than your body tan, to match them up.

So those are all of my tips, I hope they helped! I did also want to include Lancaster tan maximiser but it was sold out wherever I went to buy it.  So if you do ever see some of that mystical goodness then grab it too!