Korres Summer Products Haul and Review

Korres Summer Beauty Products Haul and Review

I’m off to Cambodia soon and so stocking up on sun and body care in advance from my favourite brand Korres.  Now I waffle on a lot about Korres products on my blog but I am always meeting people who haven’t heard of the brand (and converting them) so I am going to keep banging on about them forever as everyone I buy a gift for from the brand loves it.  As you can see from my post in 2011 these are tried and tested products I have used again and again not just a quick review after using them once!  The only difference is I used to use SPF30 and have now moved to SPF50 after realising I’m not getting any younger and sun damage is the main problem in the fight against wrinkles.

Korres Summer Beauty Products Haul and Review

I love the fact that they use natural and certified organic ingredients in their products.  They aren’t expensive and always smell gorgeous.  Korres is a Greek company that started in 1996 and their product range features skin care, hair care, makeup and homoeopathy.  I love most of the products that I try but the main products I simply cannot live without are from their sun care range and the shower gel and body lotion.

Korres SPF 

My favourite SPF is the Korres Yoghurt Face and Body SPF 50.  I like to use  SPF50 for as much protection as possible.  This does also come in an SPF 30 if that is your preference however I urge you to use the highest one to protect your skin.  I do sometimes use the separate facial SPF if I’m on a beach holiday but these days when backpacking means carrying everything I try and take as few products as possible.

The Korres Yoghurt Face and Body SPF 50 feels more like a moisturiser on the skin.  It isn’t greasy and absorbs very quickly.  I like that it hasn’t got an aerosol spray as I feel that so much is wasted when you apply those.  This has a pump spray so you can direct it exactly where you like.  You do have to make sure that you shake this up properly before use and reapply after towel drying as, while it is waterproof, towelling dry does remove the suncream so reapply often.

I’ve never burnt while using this suncream.   Once this ran out in Australia and I had to buy one from a chemist there I got burnt using that!   I always try and protect my skin and worry about skin cancer. I wish I had known where to get Korres in Australia!

The water-resistant formula offers a high level of sun protection.  I contains no chemical nasties, making it ideal for sensitive skin like mine.  It’s great to find a low cost silicone and paraben free sunscreen which offers both UVA and UVB protection.  Especially one that has anti-ageing properties as well.  I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a new sunscreen.

Korres Aftersun

Korres aftersun is extremely soothing and hydrating, I have been using it for years and they  really make the best after sun products in my opinion.  My preference is to take the Korres Aloe Vera Aftersun Moisturising Body Milk Emulsion on holiday with me. It has lighter packaging and the cap screws on really tight so you never have to worry about it leaking. For a 2 week+ holiday my aim is to use the entire tube. So my skin has been really well hydrated and soothed so there is less likelihood of peeling or sore bits.  And I don’t have to carry it home!

If you are going somewhere very hot or you have a tendency towards burning, prickly heat or getting a rash in the sun then the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Aftersun Gel would be the one for you. The yoghurt in the product (as with all dairy products) contains a natural source of lactose.  This increases the water content in the top layers of skin to receive redness and burning plus epilobium angustifolium.  It also contains fennel extract for anti inflammatory and anti irritation purposes, again amazing for sore, red skin.  You can keep this in the fridge or  in your hotel for that extra cooling factor after the beach.

In my opinion both products are unisex.  However men might prefer the Yoghurt Cooling Gel as it doesn’t have much of a scent.

Korres Shower Gel and Body Lotion

I always have at least one Korres shower gel and body lotion in my bathroom.  If they have matching scents then so much the better for fragrance layering.  You can save  money by buying them in a boxed gift set.  Fab for self-gifting as much as it is for getting for someone else. Santorini Vine is a new fragrance find for me, and it is perfect for summer or holidays. At just £15 for a boxed set of both products from Lookfantastic  you really can’t go wrong.

Santorini vine’s scent is clean, fresh and slightly sweet and also a little stronger than some of the other scents. Great for holidays when you might feel a bit sweaty after a day out exploring.  It gives a great lather and is very moisturising despite cleansing the skin well.  I would either decant this into a smaller bottle for travel as a little goes a long way or you can buy a gift box of travel sized bottles from John Lewis  which does include a Santorini Vine.

I have written about the body lotion and shower gel at length before.  Here is the link to my last post which also includes some other Korres favourites.

Do you use Korres products? Which are your favourites?